Legal Awards 2021

20 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 Best Legal Technology Provider 2021 Staying compliant is one of the main challenges for financial institutions. There’s a compliance check behind everything a financial service provider does: advising, selling, meeting, trading, onboarding, and so on. When compliance runs smooth, financial institutions run better. And this is what Apiax can make sure of. ne of the key challenges to compliance is that it is usually the business teams that need to stay compliant, even though they are not regulatory compliance experts. Apiax solves this: embedded compliance gives business teams immediate answers to their most pressing regulatory questions right where and when they need them – embedded in their existing systems, tools and business processes. Apiax provides more than 55,000 digital compliance rules, regulatory APIs, a portfolio of ready-to-use apps and access to a platform where regulatory knowledge is automated for all-important jurisdictions. Apiax is a global regulatory technology company. Founded in 2017, it employs 70+ staff at five locations: Zurich, Lisbon, London, Singapore, and Frankfurt, and it is a company backed by prestigious investors including Headline, X.Ange, and Futury Regio Growth Funds. Now, years later and with lots of new clients onboard, the company’s aim continues to be the same: to turn compliance into a business enabler for its clients. At Apiax, there are no black boxes; it delivers digital compliance rules that are easy to read, understand and change for everyone. Its solution solves real business challenges and is exceptionally easy to use for all stakeholders. Its goal is to replace complexity with simplicity, and it differs from its competitors in that it always gives preference to simple but powerful solutions. Its unique benefits include being the first regulatory compliance solution that is fully integrated into it clients’ tools and process via a set of regulatory APIs; it is the only solution that allows its clients to pick and choose their digital regulatory compliance content from some of the world’s most prestigious law firms; it offers the broadest coverage of regulatory answers on the market, covering more than 150 jurisdictions and all of its clients’ most pressing business activities; and it is the only solution that completely replaces cumbersome policies and manuals with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Regarding what goes on behind the scenes at Apiax, it has a hybrid work model which allows its employees the flexibility to work from their preferred locations, but also to come together in one of its exciting regional centres to share and be inspired. The company does its utmost to build a work environment where everyone is productive and can interact well. It asks its employees to bring their full selves to the workplace, valuing inclusion and diversity, and that the business can run on the basis of trust, transparency and focus. These core values steer the company’s staff in their interactions with customers, partners and each other. They are the guiding lights of its start-up journey, keeping it on course towards making Apiax its best for everyone. O Sep21978 Alongside this, it has every confidence in digitalisation, automation and efficiency, using the smartest tools on the market to make its staffs’ daily lives easier. This bring the company one step closer to its dream of being a paperless office and allows it to create a flexible and productive working environment. Apiax is now working with a range of partners, from law firms and consultancies to technologists and solutions providers, enabling it to see the true possibilities of what it has to offer: its API-first approach allows any and all digital rules to be made available to and plugged into a wide variety of technologies and solutions. Compliance is now embedded right into the core systems of a bank, making it radically simple for everyone. Looking ahead, Apiax’s next key objectives are to accelerate its global growth plans, strengthen its product development, and continue to build a strong interdisciplinary team across all locations. This includes the expansion to Singapore and Germany, investing heavily in the product pipeline, as well as an ambitious hiring plan for the coming years. Simultaneously, it will accelerate its business development efforts in Switzerland, the UK, France, and Germany, focusing on the asset management, wealth management, and fintech industry. Meanwhile, it does also believe in the Asian and the US market and in the ability of its solution to generate benefits for clients working in other industries. Company: Apiax Contact: Thomas Schäubli Email: Website: