Legal Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2021 15 Hegewisch Abogados, S.C Hegewisch Abogados, S.C. is a boutique law firm established in 1959, dedicated to litigation and consultation in civil, commercial, administrative, energy, corporate, financial matters and the practice of national and international arbitration. It has extensive experience in amparo lawsuits with high impact and specialised strategic litigation in all its stages, from District Courts to the Supreme Court of Justice. Oct21282 Hegewisch Abogados, S.C. founder, Everardo A. Hegewisch is a law graduate with honours from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), where he is a professor by competitive examination, as well as a tenured professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana (licensed in both cases). He has practised law in civil and commercial matters for more than 60 years. With this solid foundation of the firm, Hegewisch Abogados’ team is made up of lawyers whose experience range from one to 62 years, backed up by specialisation courses and postgraduation studies. The firm’s CEO, Fernando Hegewisch Díaz Infante has a PhD in law, graduated with honours from the UNAM. He has official authorisation as a statutory auditor with brokerage activities, and he is also a member of one the leading magazines in Mexico in specialised law. Hegewisch Abogados’ core is specialisation, dedication, hard work, innovation, and responsibility. CEO, Dr. Fernando Hegewisch Díaz Infante is devoted to personally taking care of each and every one of the firm’s cases, with each going through his supervision, the firm has found the latter to be one of the keys for success. Hegewisch Abogados has always put its clients’ interests first, with proper and thorough guidance. That’s why the firm is constantly moulding and asking for feedback from clients so it can keep improving and making sure it is fulfilling their needs. Hegewisch Abogados offers services of excellence in commercial law, advising its clients through next-level expertise. Its lawyers are experienced in dealing with bankruptcy procedures and they want clients to understand the process and receive the best possible advice for decision making. They also have extensive experience in the field of financial law, advising clients on each step involved in various transactions in which they participate. Alongside this, its lawyers offer specialised consultancy and advisory in relation to civil litigation, assuring that each client counts with their endorsement and support through a service of excellence. Additionally, they have acted as counsel and arbitrators in procedures under different rules, as well as other ADRs. Its lawyers have vast experience in amparo lawsuits, of high-impact while driven by strategic litigation in all its stages, hand in hand with their specialised knowledge and professional practice. The legal team in charge of energy cases has broad and recognised experience in matters regarding activities in hydrocarbon (storage, distribution, transportation, and trading), as well as in cases related to generation and trading of electricity, including the development of IPPs, solar and wind farm projects. H They also have a specialised area in corporate law that oversees many functions, some of them including providing a complete assessment to all types of companies in relation to their legal situation, and reviewing and preparing various types of contracts and other legal documents. Around 30-40% of Hegewisch Abogados clients are international, mainly from the US and Europe. It is important for the firm to guide those who are looking to do business in Mexico as it can be a complex market at times, especially for new investors. It is fundamental to be well backed up by a law firm that can provide the right guidance. Last year Hegewisch Abogados launched the first ALSP in all of Mexico, meaning they have what it takes to offer and coordinate all new developments regarding this project. In its first year, it has had a good response from different clients (medium to large companies in a variety of industries). Also regarding new innovations, Hegewisch Abogados was forced to change its internal system and adapt to the new reality brought by COVID-19 pandemic, which meant the implementation of new software for different purposes. Said software enables colleagues and clients to have direct access to each case file 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from any location. This alongside with a new software which enables the use of electronic signatures, digitalising the process of signing all types of documents. Looking ahead, the firm intends to improve its digital offering and services overall so it can perform to the best of its ability. Hegewisch abogados wants to change the whole perspective on how lawyers offer their service to generate and develop ideas in order to create a culture of innovation and success. Company: Hegewisch Abogados, S.C. Contact: Pablo Hegewisch Email: Website: Best Boutique Commercial Litigation Firm – Mexico Award for Excellence in Financial Litigation 2021