2021 Leading Adviser Awards

92 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 15 Company: Pacific Rim Innovation and Management Exponents, Inc. Name: Ana A. Baluyut, Senior Manager for Business Development Email: primexinc@primexinc.org At The Forefront of Consultancy aunched in 1989, PRIMEX has proudly established itself as one of Asia’s leading management consulting firms. With over 300 projects under the team’s belt, covering a wide variety of different sectors and services, the business is proud that to say that it can offer a solution to all problems. Working both independently and alongside different organizations, their reputation is unparalleled throughout the industry. All projects are unique, requiring a team that can boast a wealth of experience in different areas. Over the years, PRIMEX has worked in both the private and public sectors, covering sectors such as agriculture and rural development, water management, marine resource management, environment, and climate change.. The team’s success is shown by the way in which it is one of the few Filipino consultancy companies that has been able to find international success. The last three decades have seen the team working in 37 L countries in the Asia-Pacific region, winning contracts against bids from consulting services based in other, more developed countries. The nature of the project cycle means that the team must provide turnkey solutions, sometimes leading a project made up of various companies, sometimes supporting other businesses, and sometimes working entirely independently. No matter what stage of the project life cycle, whether it is the initial conceptualization, detailed planning and design, or post-evaluation, PRIMEX’s ability to deliver much-needed professional perspective secures their position at the forefront of the consultancy market. It is a credit to the team’s skills that they can move effortlessly from project to project, using their expertise and experience to support their clients in their overall goals. Needless to say, the success of their ability in this respect is what keeps them in such demand. The world of agriculture depends on the various projects that the team at PRIMEX consults on, with their unique knowledge allowing these developments to thrive. While based in the Philippines, the firm’s personnel have helped to support micro, small, and medium agribusiness-oriented initiatives in many countries in Asia and the Pacific, from as far north as Kyrgyzstan down to countries in the Pacific islands The growth of these countries holds enormous potential, but only if there is a focus on reducing poverty and improving income. The communities most affected by these challenges are also most likely to be impacted by the various difficulties arising from climate change. Much of the approach championed by PRIMEX focuses on communities that need help, not only protecting them as far as possible, but also finding ways to hasten their development through innovative environment-friendly solutions. By engaging key stakeholders in dealing with issues from a holistic perspective, PRIMEX has achieved remarkable success. This is the secret of PRIMEX’s success. While their focus has been on government projects supported by various international organizations, it is the people on the ground, including women and the vulnerable and marginalized sectors, whom they put first and foremost. Through this inclusive approach they look all set to continue reaching for new heights in the years to come. The team at Pacific Rim Innovation and Management Exponents, Inc., or PRIMEX for short, offers leading advice built on years of knowledge. When it comes to environmental concerns, this is a team that can take a project all the way from identification through to evaluation. Named Leading Agriculture and Environmental Management Consultancy Firm of the Year, Philippines, in Acquisition International’s awards for Leading Adviser 2021, we take a closer look to find out more. Oct21643 Leading Agriculture and Environmental Ma agement Consultancy Firm of the Year, Philippines