2021 Leading Adviser Awards

82 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2021 30 Issue 1 2022 Apr21116 The World Renowned Chinese Legal Experts Fangda Partners, having secured its place as the ‘Leading Cross-Border Corporate M&A Specialist of the Year’, is a Chinese law firm that specialises in helping business owners through challenging legal battles and disputes. Offering advice, counsel, and representation, Fangda stops at nothing in order to give the most helpful and relevant advice to its clients, guiding them through the sometimes dense and unwieldy thicket of legal processes in order to achieve the best possible results in a case. Advising clients on ground breaking transactions and defending them in unprecedented disputes, Fangda has developed a reputation for being some of the best in the business to both its market segment and peers. Oct21721 full-service law firm advising on PRC and Hong Kong laws, Fangda Partners was founded in 1993. Taking a ‘one firm approach’ to its business, it has 700 different lawyers that make up its staff, each of whom are incredibly diligent, gifted, and customer-oriented, with Fangda exclusively hiring those at the top of their game and helping them reach the best standards of clientfocused legal work. Fundamentally, this firm’s 5 offices – in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen – operate as a single, integrated partnership. Fangda believes in maintaining a philosophy of being one united company, serving its clientele with a ‘united front’ attitude that allows it to offer consistent excellence across its locations, bucking the trend of operating as an alliance of lawyers across different locations. Critically, this sets Fangda apart from its competition as its seamless collaboration allows practice groups and locations to follow the same standardized processes and to benefit from the same internal rigour that is uniformly implemented across the board, ensuring the best experience for clients and staff alike. Thus, its lawyers reliably perform exceptional services, with sophisticated advice and practical solutions founded on its legal expertise, sound knowledge of market practice, deep understanding of the industry landscape, and proven ability to assist its clients in achieving their business objectives. Its specialisms lie in complex legal issues first and foremost. Consequently, it has developed a reputation for being able to step A up to the plate for businesses faces significant legal challenge, helping them reach the best possible outcome with as minimal stress as possible. This has allowed it to build up a loyal customer base that trust it implicitly due to the huge portfolio of successful cases and satisfied past clients it has served, allowing new clients to see the proof of why it is such a leading voice in China’s legal industry, helping leading corporations and financial institutes around the world. For Fangda, its legal representation and council are both equally important elements of its operation, and both are facets for which it has gained notoriety. Whether a client is managing a dispute or undergoing a large transaction, this firm has become known for its cross-border capabilities with a tenacity and dedication that the Chinese market at large has become known for, making use of its multicultural team in order to span cultural, legislative, and linguistic barriers. Thus, Fangda has enjoyed its pre-eminence in the legal world, carving out its place in the professional ecosystem for over two decades and consistently proving that whilst it has come a long way already, it has so much more potential room for growth, and will be bringing its clients with it into this bold and imminent future. Company: Fangda Partners Contact: George Xu Website: fangdalaw.com Leading Cross-Border Corporate M&A Specialist of the Year, China