2021 Leading Adviser Awards

8 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2022 33 both local and international clients. Its team of experts are dedicated to delivering a tailored solution for each case and ultimately, achieving results that exceed expectations. Company: Kanzlei Kleiner Eberl Brandstätter Steuerberatung GmbH Contact: Fritz Kleiner Email: office@kanzleikleiner.at Website: www.kanzleikleiner.at Oct21348 Open, Decisive, Competent anzlei Kleiner Eberl Brandstätter Steuerberatung GmbH is part of an international network specialising in tax law. It serves small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as sole proprietor businesses, freelance professionals, associations, organisations, bodies under public law, private clients, and companies to resolve national and international tax disputes. It offers its services on an individual and customised basis to whatever extent required. For services that extend beyond its own broad range of services, Kanzlei Kleiner is happy to draw on the advice of professionals within its network of experts, lawyers and notaries. Due to its membership of leading international associations, Kanzlei Kleiner has excellent contacts with experts all over the world. The firm’s executive director, Dr Fritz Kleiner’s experience in law stretches back to 1969 when he graduated with a law degree from the University of Graz. In 1973, he assumed ownership of Kanzlei Kleiner which was established in 1958 by his father. Dr Kleiner is a sworn and certified expert for accounting, banking and the stock market, company valuations, cost accounting, auditing, tax consulting, bookkeeping, and financial reporting, for civil and criminal courts in Austria. He has, through the decades, worked as a tax expert on several high-profile court cases involving large Austrian banks and investment companies, and is a member of the working group for tax law at the Austrian Chamber of CPAs and Tax Consultants. Alongside his work at Kanzlei Kleiner, Dr Kleiner lectured at the University of Graz, Faculty of Law for 15 years on “The Law of the Double Taxation Agreement, case studies”. He was also a guest professor at the University of Wuhan, China in 1991, 1993, and 1997. In addition to this, he is a specialist author of published works covering tax law and questions regarding the position of court experts in Austria. With regards to the service Kanzlei Kleiner provides, its employees are happy to visit clients at their place of business, and Dr Kleiner and his colleagues, Silke Brandstätter (MA, Law) and Nikolaus Eberl (MA, Law) are glad to meet clients in person, too. To also aid convenience, the firm is pleased to offer, upon request, the option of sending any documentation directly to the client digitally. Indeed, Kanzlei Kleiner has a lot of years and experience behind it which enhances the service it provides, making it the go-to firm for K Founded in 1958, Kanzlei Kleiner Eberl Brandstätter Steuerberatung GmbH sees itself as a premium service provider and one-stop-shop for national and international tax law, covering every level of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll accounting, annual financial statements, tax returns, and management consulting with a particular focus on corporate structuring and fiscal criminal law in Austria. Recognised as Leading International Tax Disputes Consultancy of the Year, Austria, we take a closer look at the firm. Leading International Tax Disput s Consultancy of the Year, Austria