2021 Leading Adviser Awards

78 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2022 37 The Leading Law Firm With A Difference The Isle of Man is rife with close-knit communities and powerful businesses. It is also home to Quinn Legal, the receivers of Leading White-Collar Crime Law Firm of the Year, Isle of Man, an innovative firm that is imbued with passion. Operating with tenacity, fire, and care, the firm does away with the status quo, instead creating its own identity in the legal field. Nov21531 he Isle of Man is steeped in rich history, culture, and folklore, and is home to one of the oldest parliaments in the world. It is small yet magnificent, filled with passionate, hardworking people. Quinn Legal, a full-service law firm, utilises the aforementioned attributes, combining them with expert knowledge and a love for what it does. Indeed, the company takes pride in its background, its team, and its mission. It is, at heart, ‘boldly different’ – a trait that is integrated within each decision, case, and path the company undertakes. Since its doors opened in 2009, Quinn Legal has been delivering an experience like no other, introducing a new and informed wave of legal advice to the island. Home to an extensive portfolio and vast range of services, the firm is devoted to creating a bespoke service for each client. It understands that clients cannot be forced into perfect boxes – each case will have its own requirements and outcome. Henceforth, Quinn Legal consults its past experience and understanding of the law to find a suitable and sustainable pathway. Such dedication is emboldened by the pillars the company bases itself on. Client-centricity is the heart that beats within Quinn Legal, and it thrives upon the relationships it builds with them. Moreover, it simply cares. Unlike many companies that strive for profit, Quinn T Legal is built around the client, concentrating on making a difference for people and businesses. Its values are defined, running through each arm of the company, and they infuse the actions of its team. Deviating from the status quo – Quinn Legal is filled with individuals that are determined, feisty, and passionate. There is no giving up or stepping back. As a result, Quinn Legal has the power to launch innovative and bold legal services and products, all because it actually listens to its clients. Furthermore, the team sells solutions – not their time. They offer pricing options that on the value of what they can achieve rather than the cost of sending an email or making a phone call. It is with this in mind that Quinn Legal is focusing on phasing out the billable hour, as it believes that it is a broken premise that serves neither the lawyers nor the clients. Simply, Quinn Legal wants to disrupt the industry, breathing new life into what has become stale and repetitive. As one of the largest and most successful law firms in the Isle of Man, Quinn Legal holds influence over its competitors, and therefore it is shaping the industry for the better. It is responsive, proactive, and effective, gaining its clients trust as it holds true to its promises. In addition, Quinn Legal is recommended by international banks, corporations, and Isle of Man Employment Law. Therefore, from white collar crime cases to corporate advice, there is no doubt that Quinn Legal is the go-to law firm. The firm is deeply aware of the responsibility that it holds – after all, it is often involved with people during their most vulnerable moments. Consequently, outside of its services, it is entrenched in aiding Isle of Man’s active community. Quinn Legal regularly makes contributions to local and international charities and initiatives, including Hospice at Home Isle of Man for whom it has walked 26,352,664 steps over the course of a few years. Additionally, many of its team members involve themselves with volunteering and external services – such as, assisting theatre productions, teaching the Manx language, running coffee mornings for charities and raising sponsorship through cycling, running and walking events. Contact: James Quinn Company: Quinn Legal Web Address: https://www.quinnlegal.im/ Leading White-Collar Crime Law Firm of the Year, Isle of Man