2021 Leading Adviser Awards

68 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 33 Consulting the Experts Established in 1996, Geo-Environmental Services Ltd is an independent practice of geotechnical engineers, environmental consultants, and investigation contractors, all of whom are degree or master’s qualified and have extensive experience within the sector. Considering this, it’s easy to see how the firm has come to be named Leading Geotechnical and Environmental Consultancy Firm of the year, United Kingdom by Acquisition International. Join us as we look deeper into what makes this the case. Sep21272 eo-Environmental Services Ltd’s aim is to be the supplier of choice for geotechnical and environmental services by delivering consistent quality and reliability, taking its obligations seriously to operate safely and sustainably, while valuing and supporting its workforce and delivering value for money for its customers. The company has over the years grown from its humble beginnings in the Southeast, expanding across the rest of the UK, undertaking more than 8,000 investigations and winning multiple awards. From all these investigations, the team has built up a detailed knowledge base, allowing them to provide an informed view of potential geological and contamination risks before visiting site. This experienced team of geotechnical and environmental consultants provides services for a range of different industries, advising on housing, healthcare, community, education, commercial, rail, road, and utilities projects to name but a few. Each brings unique demands and expectations which the team strives to meet each and every time. With the firm’s head office in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex and satellite offices in Bristol and Birmingham, they are within relatively easy reach of any large building project that requires their expertise. While the company offers a wealth of different services, its corporate social responsibility remains at the heart of everything it does, whether it’s ensuring that it provides the best advice practicably possible to ensure safe development, or helping to minimise environmental risks. This extends to how it treats its staff, suppliers and clients, as well as its relationships with local communities. To achieve improvements regarding its corporate social responsibility, Geo-Environmental Services encourages its business partners to strive for matching performance; it acts in a socially responsible way; it continually improves its performance and meets all relevant legislation; and it encourages its staff to be mindful of the effect of their actions on any natural resource. Health and safety is also a key focus, as with any construction-related discipline – the company’s excellent safety record keeps it in high demand. The team is dedicated to delivering projects that are of the highest quality, engaging closely with clients to ensure that their needs are always met. This comes with commitment to protecting the value of its construction projects. Aground investigation is a vital part of any construction project, and a properly funded and specified investigation often uncovers unforeseen problems. If these problems are founded early, solutions can be built into a project, saving time and money for all involved. Of course, the last few years have seen an influx not only in the technology available, but in how it is used across multiple industries. G The team behind Geo-Environmental Services made a pledge in 2013 to upgrade and expand the IT software and hardware that it would be able to offer to clients. This has proven immensely useful, improving the presentation of reports, inter-connectivity with other systems and the productivity of the firm’s work. This commitment to inter-connectivity allowed the team to vary its offering to those who wished to work from home. All field data is recorded electronically ensuring quick and easy access from all stakeholders and there is a platform that allows people to work as if they were in the office from anywhere in the world. This incredible flexibility proved highly popular, with 60% of the workforce working from home for some or all of their work well before the COVID-19 pandemic. Geo-Environmental Services is a vital part of the construction industry, forming the foundations on which the foundations themselves are laid. Only through building on solid ground can success be achieved, and there are few more experienced, more talented and more successful than the group behind Geo-Environmental Services. Company: Geo-Environmental Services Ltd Contact: Michael Brown Email: michael.brown@gesl.net Website: www.gesl.net Leading Geotechnical and Environmental Consultancy Firm of the Year, United Kingdom