2021 Leading Adviser Awards

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2021 65 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 5 17 Company: Aliant Law Contact: Sandip Patel Website: aliantlaw.com A Fresh Approach to Global Legal Prowess ith a vast array of talents across amultitude of practice areas and competencies, Aliant Law is pushing the boundaries of excellence in its field with every case it undertakes. Its cross-border nature has earned it notoriety far beyond its home base in London, where it has used its original practice as a springboard to greater success. Its vast array of competencies include but are not limited to: business law, mergers and acquisitions, real estate law, employment law, litigation, insolvency, restructuring, taxation, and private wealth management. This has allowed it to become a full-service company as far as legal consultancy is concerned, made possible by its expert staff, all of whom are leading minds in their fields. Its combination of international and local law both has made it singularly proficient in managing both areas with ease. In this way, it has developed a client base that is truly worldwide, taking great pride in its ability to work well with them to bring their cases to satisfactory resolutions. Aliant is also highly effective at handling clients whose interests cross multiple borders. Therefore, it has accrued a roster of high net worth individuals across multiple borders, building up a vast network of local contacts in the nations it operates in to allow it to serve with efficacy. Aliant takes great pride in its love of its work, and both its clients and staff benefit from this in the excellent environment it has cultivated. Its attorneys are some of the best in the world with track records of handling some of the most complex cases. With a fervour for law work that permeates every aspect of its operation, and a shared passion for exemplary legal services, Aliant has a finger on the pulse of new legislation and industry updates on an international scale. This means its clients are consistently receiving consultancy they can trust. Its reliability has informed its growth over the years since its founding, becoming one of the world’s biggest and best law firms, capable of managing huge transactions unlike nay other. To Aliant, no job is too big or too small, and it encourages all clients to get in touch, confident that they will too benefit from the knowledge and sophistication it offers. Working with an Aliant lawyer guarantees a client access to one of the most well managed caches of shared law knowledge available. Furthermore, due to having such a wide range of capabilities in the team, it has an available specialist for just about any case. Its processes have also been developed to deliver this with effectiveness and tenacity; it’s an international law firm, but it wishes to work to the level of personable and empathic service delivered by a boutique local agency. In this way, it has ensured it scales its W growth sustainably so that the quality of its solutions never suffers. All the while, its successful navigation of all scales of legal transaction have only bettered these aspects of its business, allowing it to remain competitive and to never stagnate. Aliant Law is conscious of the importance of networking in an increasingly interconnected world, but with branches in over 16 countries, it makes it easier to achieve and manage this. With clients that rely on it every day for the health of their business and the legalities of their transaction, it gladly has been welcoming in more and more clients to its familial organisation. Looked after by lawyers who support each other in their cases and with a 24/7 support system set up and ready to personally handle comments, questions, or concerns, its primary concern will always be customer service. It is excited to continue showing this dedication to more clients as it grows, continuing to lead the pack in its dynamic and changeable industry. Aliant Law is a cross-border and globally efficient legal consultancy firm that is on a path of rapid expansion. With a commitment to going the distance for its clients and keeping them at the core of its operation, it has earned a worldwide reputation for excellent work and a supportive environment. Feb21393 Leading Corporate Banking and inance Lawyer of the Year, United Kingdom