2021 Leading Adviser Awards

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2021 59 Acquisition International - Issue 11 25 The Mexican Law Firm with International Repute to stay so far ahead of the curve in its industry, as Bryan, Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz is able to stay on top of legal practice in the Mexican corporate and legislative ecosystem, each of its staff remaining thoroughly informed and highly skilled no matter the changing demands that occur. Indeed, this company is used to adapting to these fluctuating paradigm changes. It has been such a long-lived and welltrusted company throughout the years due to its ability to reshape and restructure in the face of challenge, and it wishes for its clients, industry, and country to both benefit from and implement some of this flexibility. After all, so much of legal work and corporate restructure is about reacting positively to change. Therefore, Bryan, Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz has also been able to use the adaptive ethos and the brilliant client-first mentality that its team champion in order to provide a helping hand that allows this firm to become a true partner to its clients. Having coordinated the legal relations of its clients in their most important industrial affairs, it has also established strategic alliances with firms all around the world in order to forever bolster its knowledge and connections; this global reach has allowed it to finance Latin American countries through a variety of different multinational resource institutions to great effect over the years. This includes restructuring banking and security legislations for developing countries. Going forward, it will continue to do each of these things, as well as push forward with its fostering of an international professional atmosphere of understanding by way of its Lawyer Exchange Program, and International Summer Program for Law Students. Company: Bryan, Gonzalez Vargas & Gonzalez Baz Contact: Aureliano Gonzalez Website: bryanlex.com