2021 Leading Adviser Awards

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2021 53 Acquisition International - Issue 12 17 Local Law with National Acclaim As the ‘Leading Anti-Trust and Competition Litigation Attorney of the Year’ for the state of Utah, Deiss Law has been stepping up to the plate to aid its clients in securing the most favourable outcomes out of legal disputes. Promising competent, effective, and cost-flexible work to its clients at every turn, its diverse and dynamic team boast a wide range of competencies between them that allow this firm to rise to any number of litigation challenges, having developed significant goodwill in its market segment as a result. Oct21316 eiss Law PC, a legal firm proficient in all manner of practice areas, has made a name for itself by serving the market segment in Utah with reliable, trustworthy, and effective litigation work and advice. Emboldened by a professional, intelligent, and experienced team who can achieve the most favourable results for a client every time, Deiss Law, always strives to maintain its reputation for comprehensive efforts that are worth every penny. Fundamentally, its notoriety is further enhanced by the fact that it does not only charge on an hourly basis. Indeed, it strives to keep itself as flexible as possible regarding payment so that a client can afford the best legal representatives available to them in the region without the stress of trying to keep up with fixed rate and unadaptable payment plans, which can be a serious barrier for some. This is all part of Deiss Law’s promise to work in an empathic and sensitive manner that puts the client first at every turn. In essence, its fee arrangements and further consultancy will take into account the individual details of a client’s case and situation, operating with the understanding that no two legal cases are the same and that each and every client will require slightly different service in order to attain the best result. The fee arrangements also consider the nature of that particular legal dispute, able to put a client in touch with someone on its team who is the best expert with the most fitting perspective to be able to handle it with efficacy. D This, handily, leads on to the competencies of the Deiss Law team. Critically, each team member brings something exemplary to the table for Deiss Law, making themselves a trusted and committed part of the structure of the company with both the standard of their work and the understanding, friendly customer service that a client can always expect to receive. In this manner, Deiss Law can handle matters of business litigation, commercial law and real estate litigation, non-solicitation, non-competition, employment disputes, antitrust litigation, trade secrets, intellectual property, securities fraud, and professional malpractice within its business law segment. In addition, its team can also rise to the challenge of criminal defence litigation and legal work, bringing a whole new facet to its efforts. This covers violent felonies, non-violent felonies, misdemeanours, and DUI. It can even aid a client in matters of personal injury such as plaintiff’s work and personal injury defence. As shown, Deiss Law boasts a number of reasons why it has earned the accreditation of the leading anti-trust and competition litigation attorney of the year for its region, and hopes to use this accolade as a springboard to helping many more clients achieve the best possible legal outcome as it moves towards the future. Company: Deiss Law PC Contact: Andrew Graham Deiss Website: deisslaw.com eading Anti-Trust and Competition Litigation Attorney of the Year, Utah