2021 Leading Adviser Awards

106 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2021 27 Law Done Right Down Under. Recognised as Australia’s Leading Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Lawyer of the Year, Foyle Legal personal injury law firm that performs in various sectors such as areas such as motor vehicle accidents, workers compensation, work injuries, public liability, criminal injuries compensation, total and permanent disability claims and wills. Foyle represents people from all walks of life, ensuring they can obtain the medical evidence needed to get the most from their worker’s compensation claim. Oct21117 stablished in 2014, Foyle Legal is a boutique law firm located in Malaga, Western Australia, approximately 11 kilometres north of Perth. Foyle is a specialist law firm founded by precise expertise in compensation law, including medical negligence, public liability, motor vehicle accidents, product liability, and work injury damages claims. Additionally, this is connected to its focus on total and permanent disablement/superannuation claims, general litigation, dispute resolution, employment law, debt recovery, criminal law and traffic offence matters. At Foye, with its professional and dedicated staff members, the company can offer a particular, high-quality service for its local community, which is typically found within the larger capital city law firms. To accomplish this, the company provides unique and remarkable management, knowledge and experience acquired that is unmatched against others within the industry. Moreover, the dedication, professionalism, passion and precise industry know-how are guided and inspired by the company’s director, Christian Foyle, who has spent several years working in two of Australia’s national leading litigation law firms. “At Foyle Legal, we seek to help injured people to maximise the compensation they receive as part of their compensation claim. Medical reports can cost thousands of dollars, and in most claims, Foyle Legal will obtain these medical reports on your behalf, and you will only have to pay for the costs of the reports upon settlement of your claim,” states Christian. Since 2007, Christian has practised personal injury law on thousands of personal injury claims. Thus, utilising his immense knowledge from practising in the field, study, and hands-on experience has created an unparalleled practice that distinguishes him and his company from others in the industry. Christian can encourage and inspire his employees to expand their knowledge; however, expert knowledge is not all that separates his firm from others. The objective to help others openly and honestly is precisely what Christian and his team at Foyle looks for to recruit new members into the firm. “At Foyle Legal, we have an internal culture of helping each other and working together to help our clients to get the most out of their claim,” explains Christian. An internal culture that cannot be learnt or examined in booked but learned under the guidance and wisdom of Christian himself. E However, during the past few years, under the disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic, the various restrictions have resulted in many national workers compensations insurers working from home. Thus, creating extended communication challenges. Due to this, many clients of Foyle have been severely the pandemic which has caused an increased demand to acquire psychiatrist reports. However, an unexpected benefit from the pandemic has been expanding the acceptance of video conferencing and medico-legal appointments as before the Covid-19 outbreak; it was seemingly difficult to get clients from outside of Western Australia. Thus, the implementation of these digital and streamlining platform processes has increased client reach, brand reputation and overall, the effect the company is able to have on the nation. “Foyle Legal has continued to improve our internal processes in 2021, and this is continuing. We hope to make the personal injury process as streamlined as possible for our clients,” states Christian. When the going gets tough – get Foyle, Australia’s Leading Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Lawyer of the Year. Company Name: Foyle Legal Contact Name: Christian Foyle Web Address: https://foylelegal.com/ Contact Email: christian.foyle@foylelegal.com eading Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Lawyer of the Year, Australia