2021 Influential Businesswoman Awards

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2021 Company: Premier Care LLC Contact: Tamara Mosidze Website: premiercarellc.com Best Home Health Care Business Woman (Northeast USA): Tamara Mosidze remier Care LLC, a leading non-medical homecare service provider in Greenwich CT, serves that specific region and the surrounding communities with expert services and the utmost professionalism. Led by exemplary mind in her field, Tamara Mosidze, this company serves high profile clients with sophistication and diligence in order to grant access to extraordinary care that has been lauded as outstanding by peers and customers alike since its inception. Fundamentally, by hiring medical professionals, matching the right individuals to the right client based on lifestyle and interests, and taking a highly tailored, bespoke approach to care services, Premier Care has been leading by example when taking its industry to new heights. Within the firm proper, Mosidze herself takes a proactive approach to leadership. When it comes to her ownership of the agency, it is her role to ensure that everything runs smoothly in accordance with the tenants that Premier Care was founded upon. Furthermore, her 23 years of experience in healthcare gives her an expert insight into exactly what her clients need and how to assign the right care expert to be able to help them with that, hiring only the best in the business in order to offer her clients the utmost quality of care. Through Mosidze, the company’s lifeblood of hiring and monitoring staff, managing schedules, giving support, resolving client issues, giving protection, and implementing training is all managed expertly, and she has in this way been able to cultivate the a truly impressive operational environment within Premier Care. For each staff member, the priority is the client, and for the founder, her priority is both her clients and her staff. In this way, she creates an atmosphere of respect and encouragement that her team are excited to be a part of, resting assured that they will receive all the training, oversight, and support they need to do their best work. Since she began her work, she has had a hand in pushing for women’s voices in her industry. Being one of the only female professionals with such a leading voice in the sector, she has garnered support from the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce, WBDC, the Connecticut Geriatric P Society, Women Owed Greenwich, and so many more organizations like them, empowering fellow women to rise to the top of the field. Each year, Premier Care takes itself another step forward in notoriety with the growing client list and award-winning team behind it. Thus, Mosidze is incredibly proud of her staff and her business, determined to continue working with diligence, kindness, generosity, and empathy in order to wow clients and their families long into the future; after all, through this, Premier Care continues to inspire women throughout the medical care sector. Next on the docket for this company’s success story is the opening of another location, an exciting development about which more will be available soon. Through keeping this growth natural and to scale with its resources, Premier Care has made certain that each client will continue to be able to expect the same level of excellence as per the norm, and it is excited to welcome many more clients into the fold as it moves forward towards the rest of the year and beyond. A top-of-the-range home care provider, Premier Care LLC is a female-owned and highly dedicated business with a true passion for the industry. Founded by healthcare expert Tamara Mosidze, Premier Care’s clients can expect to always receive the best care available from the most suitable care provider possible, as the company works with the most outstanding and empathetic healthcare professionals in order to grant clients the best care experience on the market. Aug21304