2021 Influential Businesswoman Awards

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2021 Contact: Elizabeth Lance, MA, MASc Company: InGenuity Group Solutions Inc Web Address: www.ingenuitygroup.ca SR&ED Champion of the Year: Elizabeth Lance he InGenuity Group® is a services-based organisation that provides affordable, highly experienced assistance applying for Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits. The firm strives to provide high quality tax credit consulting services, resources, and research that goes beyond expectations to help organisations make informed choices regarding SR&ED. These services are delivered through onsite visits, education, and training seminars and webinars, at its offices, and through its key outreach website. The organisation was co-founded by Elizabeth Lance in 2008, and she took over the company in 2019 following the retirement of her co-founder some years earlier. What started out as a technical writing role for Elizabeth has now led her to becoming the Managing Director. As a second-generation SR&ED consultant, Elizabeth has an unparalleled passion and insight into the programme. She tells us more. “I approach the programme with an academic lens and have written extensively about the programme policies. In 2011, I created the SR&ED Education and Resources website after recognizing the need for high-quality information about the programme (instead of marketing materials).” With both a Master of Arts (University of Toronto) and a Master of Applied Science – Technology Innovation Management (Carleton University), Elizabeth has also won multiple awards related to her work, including the prestigious Forty Under 40 award. But how has she found leadership as a female? “There remain few female founders in my space,” she states. “While there are more women in technology, there remains fewer specialising in these consulting services. Perseverance is absolutely essential, as is dedication and an unwillingness to let obstacles halt your progress.” Creating a good work/life balance is important to Elizabeth, and her team at The InGenuity Group is rather unique in the fact that it is made up entirely of military spouses, all of whom work remotely, thereby removing the need for them to seek out new employment every time their spouse is posted to a new location. “The first pool of candidates I consult when I am hiring is always military spouses,” she elaborates. “I know how fortunate I am to have T a job that goes with me anywhere and I want to ensure that others have the same opportunities. They are also able to work flexible hours, in order to meet any family obligations.” Recently, Elizabeth was bestowed with the prestigious title of SR&ED Champion of the Year 2021 in the Influential Businesswoman Awards. She has a few words of advice for others out there who are hoping to follow in her footsteps. “See where your competitors fall short and then work to see how you can fix these shortcomings. Be adaptable—if something does not work, scrap it, or adapt it. Most importantly, demonstrate your excellence and expertise publicly and clients will find you – writing so much about the program in a public forum meant that clients always found me.” Elizabeth Lance, Co-Founder of The InGenuity Group, tells us more about her approach and why she is flying the flag for women everywhere in order to help them achieve a positive work/life balance. Jul21790