2021 Influential Businesswoman Awards

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2021 Contact: Erin Beacom Company: Sunburnt Studios Web Address: www.sunburnt-studios.com Most Innovative Business Video Production Director (Mountain States USA): Erin Beacom unburnt Studios is awoman-owned, creative video production studio based out of Golden, Colorado, which offers its unique documentary-style footage to an array of clients producing commercials, artist highlights, and weddings. Alongside its client work, the studio is also in pre-production for its first short documentary. “Our clients tend to be adventurers, creatives, and storytellers,” explains Erin Beacom, who founded the firm in 2020 and now acts as its Director. Before opening the studio, Erin had been working in the video industry for more than seven years, as both a freelance producer and on documentary teams. What really sets Erin aside, however, is the fact that she is entirely self-taught in her art. “The fact I am self-taught is a large part of why I wanted to open a video production studio that can one day be a welcoming space for others who want to learn about and jump into the industry,” she says. “Since I started back in 2013, this industry has been blown wide open which is amazing to see. There are more opportunityes and resources out there for anyone interested in any part of the video industry.” Sunburnt Studios hit its first-year anniversary in July 2021 and, despite being a very young company, the fact that it was incepted during the pandemic and survived is testament to Erin’s determination to succeed. “Having started during the pandemic is something that I am very proud of,” she enthuses. “Many businesses weren’t hiring video production much over the past year because companies were slashing their marketing budgets, couples were delaying their weddings, and people were uncomfortable meeting in person but we adjusted and made it this far.” Erin has faced many challenges of being a woman in the video production industry, spanning right back to when she was in college and wasn’t allowed to use the camera or lighting equipment, but was always cast as an actress or voice-over instead! Being proactive, she took matters into her own hands. S “I dropped the class and used that time to find online educational sources, books, and local mentors to learn from.” And she has advice for others looking to break into the industry. “Seek out those who will help move you forward, they are out there and until you find them make sure you do everything that you can do to improve your knowledge and your skills.” Her past experiences have made Erin look at things a little differently. She actively tries to help everyone who wants to learn more about video or who is interested in the video industry, and has therefore created a consulting section for Sunburnt Studios in order to work with people that feel they are being held back. Her future goals for Sunburnt Studios include further growth plus a commitment to be Climate Neutral each year moving forward (something which she achieved in 2020). “I want to build Sunburnt Studios without losing sight of being sustainable for the people who work there and for the world,” she explains. “I brought all my experience into this company and from every single project I take on with Sunburnt Studios I continue to learn and grow my skills that are essential in its continual success.” Recently, Erin was also awarded the title of Most Innovative Business Video Production Director (Mountain States USA) in the Influential Businesswoman Awards 2021. “I have very big dreams for the future of Sunburnt Studios but celebrating the successes along the way is essential. I know the future of Sunburnt Studios will be big and I cannot wait to get there.” Having faced adversity during the early years of her journey, Erin Beacom was determined not to give up on her dream of opening her own video production studio. We speak to Erin to find out more about Sunburnt Studios and how she fought to succeed. Jul21623