2021 Influential Businesswoman Awards

Acquisition International - Influential Businesswoman Awards 2021 Company: Sutton Full Potential Contact: Elizabeth Houghton LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/ in/elizabethcoach Web Address: suttonfullpotential.com Email: info@suttonfullpotential.com Most Pioneering Career Coach 2021 (Australia): Elizabeth Houghton lizabeth founded Sutton Full Potential in 2017 as a side job and moved into the business full time late 2020. Elizabeth is a leadership and executive coach with an extensive background as an HR Executive. Elizabeth helps her clients find what they love to do and work toward building a career from this. She empowers her clients to believe in themselves and guides them to connect with their wants and desires so they can make the initial jump themselves. She supports her clients through breaking free from social and familial norms, removing limiting beliefs, creating inspired actions towards turning their BIG dreams into a reality. Her strategy involves helping her clients find clarity, and once the goal has been established, she helps her clients achieve the winning mindset they need to pursue it. After helping her clients overcome their self-doubt, she moves on to help them create a realistic, practical strategy to aid them in getting there. Elizabeth is there every step of the way for her clients, helping them move forward with confidence and optimism. Additionally, she conducts her work remotely, so no matter where her clients live in the world, she can help them. Elizabeth and her practice stand out amongst other life coaches for her innovative approach, as she explains, “Coaching conversations are so powerful. I never want anyone to feel the way I did through my corporate career. I am my clients’ biggest cheerleader; I will celebrate every success with them, and I will be there for them on the ‘harder days.’ I believe in my clients and their vision 100%.” Elizabeth is passionate about people, individual potential, and the opportunity for developing people and businesses alike. Elizabeth’s best satisfaction comes from inspiring people to think differently and capitalise on the evolving world of work. Elizabeth works with people to uncover their passions and to help achieve their professional goals. “When our work brings us satisfaction, it impacts positively on all aspects of our lives, our self-confidence, and our wellbeing.” Elizabeth has been featured in several UK publications (Yahoo Finance, Home Business Magazine, 35 Thousand), discussing modern leadership approaches to create environments where all team members can thrive. “My coaching superpowers enable people to bring their authentic self into their leadership style and supports everyone to live their extraordinary life.” Elizabeth was essentially Sutton’s first client. She struggled with dyslexia as a child and used this diagnosis to prove to herself and E people around her that she would not be discouraged by this minor bump in her educational road. However, while Elizabeth aimed high, she began to feel ‘different’ with her disability and lost confidence, the sight of herself and who she wanted to be. Nevertheless, Elizabeth persevered and accomplished everything she expected - graduating from university, getting a great job, married, and a house. She did this all before 25 and eventually moved to Australia and continued job-hopping to get the best salary and the most money. Still, ultimately it left Elizabeth feeling unfulfilled and dissatisfied. Eventually, she decided to mentor and volunteer to help women progress on their leadership journeys, and that is when she realised, she had found her passion. Elizabeth explains, “I started to invest in myself, I read, I went to workshops, attended online courses, face to face training – all with a focus on Coaching and Coaching skills. Then one day in 2017, I set up Sutton Full Potential. It was an uphill struggle as it was a complete career change. I was starting from the ground up; I had no clientele and no idea how to build a business.” Throughout this time, she studied mindfulness and obtained a certificate in life coaching. Elizabeth states, “On this journey to mindful living, I learned that happiness is a choice, and I could take control of my life. I began to listen to myself truly and what I wanted. “I constantly invested in myself and my company and began to have bigger ambitions for my life and believed that I could achieve these ambitions,” shecontinues. “It ismymission toensure that everyone feels empowered, enriched, and supported to find success on their terms.” Sutton helps clients reclaim the power needed to live their best lives - unapologetically and unchecked by others’ opinions. Elizabeth concludes, “Ladies, my entire life, all I ever wanted to do was to FIT IN until I realised that being different is a gift. It is my gift, and I am committed to using it to help women discover their gifts. If you are struggling with the idea of being different and doing things outside the norm, then I can help you.” Elizabeth Houghton is the founder of Sutton Full Potential and a global clarity coach and recent winner of The Most Pioneering Career Coach 2021 (Australia). Elizabeth supports high achievers from traditional backgrounds in finding what they love doing to build a career out of it. Jul21165