Global CFO Excellence Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2021 With their lines of sight into all aspects of the business, CFOs are well positioned to be the executive to lead a revamping of the supply chain and logistic services, particularly given the increasing strategic focus of their role. The most successful CFOs no longer operate in a vacuum; They work with other c-level executives to go beyond traditional reporting. Supply chain management affects cash flow, growth and, ultimately, shareholder value. The key role of the CFO is to bring in leaders from all aspects of the business and get them to think along the same lines, because only then will everyone see how changing the supply chain can impact the overall value of the business. Itis about setting up the right kind of cross- functional team that includes the CFO and other executives, but also the CFO’s senior finance people, because finance must be considered from the beginning. Ability to bounce back from mistakes has been key to Ahmed’s growth as a finance leader. “It’s what I call scar tissue, or learnings. That is what best prepares us for being CFOs. It is not just learning how to do the mechanical functions of accounting and planning; it’s also the mistakes. Where did we go wrong?”, said Ahmed. What I enjoy most about my job is facing new challenges every day, looking for solutions with my team and receiving positive feedback from the customer after all our efforts. You never feel left alone, but rather overcome highs and lows together when it comes to large scaled, enterprise companies, which all tend to have a professional capable logistic partner. Whether it is for transporting raw materials for their production or shipping finished products direct to their customers, heavy-duty trucks keep logistics running. Of course, every manager should be aware of the heavy vehicle business rules and standards to follow. Company: Misfer Transportation and Logistics Co. Riyadh Contact: Ahmed Ezzat Email: Website: Logistics CFO of the Year 2021 (Gulf Region): Ahmed Ezzat MFQ brand identity captures the qualities that make us an industry leader: our ability to deliver faster, leaner, smarter logistics for customers at lower cost, using advanced automation and data science. “I’m looking forward to leading our team to the many new opportunities in our future.” said Ahmed. Ahmed and themanagement teamknowhow togenerate incredible shareholder value, and they excel at operational execution and capital allocation. Beyond Just in Time “In 2018 MFQ CFO Ahmed Ezzat will oversee a newly formed group to help the company get its sales and Logistics operations back into competitive mode after years of turmoil”, the company announced then. Ezzat oversees Mining projects, supply chain, Logistic operations, finance, enterprise performance, strategy, enterprise services and administration. Ahmed soon realizes that if he was going to be the CFO, he would need to become excellent in financial planning and analysis (FP&A) and understand what’s going to drive the logistic business forward soon. He has decided that his main target is to change themind- set for both the family members and the employees, to transfer MFQ from Medium-size family business to a large, automated corporate. More than 90% of the companies in Gulf are family businesses and that was a big challenge to him. When he started working in MFQ, he succeed in managing this transformer process and handling every issue that arose. Slowly he started to draw the company’s value creation map and create the strategic rational model starting with (vision , mission and core values) plus applying the short-term operation plan. In addition, he implemented the risk statement and the suitable controls to manage this risk using COSO framework and the most important achievement was to setup the principles of modern governance in MFQ. Ahmed led the management team to know how to generate incredible shareholder value, and to excel at operational execution and capital allocation. He also led the company’s digital transformation. M MFQ Group Logistics &Mining in Riyadh was established in 1995 to strengthen the service delivery in the region of Saudi Arabia and GCC. MFQ would be splitting its logistics business, which provides supply-chain and logistics services including warehousing and e-commerce, from its trucking and freight brokerage business, managed by highly experienced professionals and supported by well-trained motivated drivers and staffs. The Saudi Vision 2030, created by The Saudi crown prince Mohamed BIN Salman, which focuseson development of the logistic services in the Kingdom local logistics hub, by maximizing the value of its mining and energy sectors while unlocking the full potential of the local content and the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). NIDLP largely contributes to driving the Kingdom’s economic diversification towards sustainable growth by fostering a globally attractive investment environment. As a result of the exceptional services, MFQ has become one of the top Logistics services providers in the kingdom and GCC and serves a variety of national and international companies within Saudi Arabia such as Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest chemical manufacturer SABIC, and kingdoms’ top gas manufacturer AHG Gas and others. May21281