Global CFO Excellence Awards 2021

Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2021 Company: Mera Pharma GmbH / Med Products GmbH Contact: Jaroslaw Krupa Website: Health & Pharma CFO of the Year 2021: Jaroslaw Krupa era Pharma develops, manufactures, and distributes high- quality and affordable drugs for improving and extending the life of an ever-increasing number of patients in many countries. It is continuously working on expanding its network with both manufacturers and brand owners in Europe, as well as with the chains of importers and distributors of pharmaceuticals from the public and the private sector in the Middle East. The Mera Pharma plant is subject to official periodic inspections and the company keeps the required GMP level. Med Products began its activity in the Middle East market and it has been on the rise ever since its establishment, providing a wide variety of medical disposable and medical device products and keeping a glance on innovations to enhance all products for the benefit of customer demands. With Med Products’ longstanding commitment to research and development, it continually pursues innovative technologies through its own research, collaborations, and partnerships around the world. In addition, it participates in many international trade fairs, training and development programmes in different countries regularly in order to provide best to its customers and employees. Its ultimate vision is to achieve customers’ full satisfaction by delivering quality products at an affordable price and bringing value through professionalism, knowledge, integrity, trustworthiness and action. Jaroslaw Krupa began his career in finance in 1998 and has since worked a number of positions in finance for several different companies, from accountant over controlling to head of accounting and tax. In 2012, he started his position as CFO at American Express Switzerland, and by 2017, he had become an external consultant for Mera Pharma and Med Products. Due to the success in this collaboration, the company owners wanted to work with Jaroslaw on an employee basis, making him CFO of both companies, working full time between Switzerland and Germany. Ever since, Jaroslaw and the businesses have built a strong finance team, for which there is investment into training so it keeps learning and developing. Employees are given complete trust and work M independently, so they can make decisions on what is good for the company. Only if he sees problems does Jaroslaw involve himself in their processes. This working method is proactive and productive and adapted by the employees. Through his experience in different positions with different companies, Jaroslaw has been able to adapt his own leadership style, where he aims to be a friend to all employees, making them feel welcome and important to him and the companies. He says, “I do not control my team; I look at all things from top and allow them freedom. But to reach this level, it is very essential to have meetings once a week to get their feedback and to discuss further plans and strategies. I arrange workshops with my team or I give them gifts after good results. In one of previous company as we had a very good year end closing and I told my people that they could invite their family for a nice dinner in a restaurant of their choice and I pay them the money back with their salary. They love it.” He also shared his advice for aspiring CFOs within the health and pharma industry: “A lot of leading people take example from their previous bosses and copy their strategy of leading. “My advice is to find your own way because this is then real and acceptable from others. Do not control your team all the time. Give them the responsibility of daily business. Be an adviser to your team. And honour good jobs. Try to feel as though your employee is a very important part of the chain.” He also recommends that every manager makes time for their family, which in turn has a great benefit for business. He said, “The most important engine in my life is my family, which gives me a feeling of freedom and peace. Therefore, I thank my lovely wife, Agnieszka and my daughters, Jessica and Cecile for all moments I can spend with them and recover my mind ready for my next business challenges.” Mera Pharma GmbH is a Swiss pharmaceutical manufacturer which has been duly authorised by Swissmedic to manufacture and distribute active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical finished products. Med Products GmbH is a German company established in 2014 with the head office in Frankfurt am Main. It specialises in the manufacturing and marketing of a high range of medical disposable and medical device products. CFO of both companies, Jaroslaw Krupa has been recognised by Acquisition International as Health & Pharma CFO of the Year 2021. Join us as we take a look at the companies and Jaroslaw’s career. Apr21055