2021 AI Legal Awards Packages

Legal awards 2021 Tier2Package 1,595 GBP / 2,200 USD • Supporting Front Cover Image & Headline • 2 Full Pages of Editorial • 2 Crystal Trophies • Wall Plaque • Personalised Digital Logo • Bespoke Digital Certificate • 4-Page Dedicated e-Magazine 8 Acquisition International - 2019 Legal Awards I Best Employment Law Firm – Greece & Award for Client Service Excellence 2019 n years since the firm’s humble beginnings, LKALF has established itself as a ground-breaking and diverse law practice. Built on the idea that lawyering should be a high-quality experience, the team at the firm constantly and inexhaustibly pursue client needs through a personalised approach to work. Founder and owner Panagiotis Lolas tells us what it means to deliver service as part of the firm. “To act ‘above and beyond the call of duty’; to implement new ideas, initiatives and practices; to explore unknown client needs, and inspire our clients with new dimensions of our services, always trying to add an ‘wow’ factor to our service. Additionally, we strongly believe that Legal Service is an interpersonal process; it is human communication.” Successfully representing corporate clients ranging from multinational corporations to public sector entities, LKALF’s corporate practice are completely focused on contributing daily to any clients needs in handling complex legal issues in any operations. By concentrating every effort on helping clients with legal issues, the team have managed to develop and meet clients strategic objectives. At the same time, LKALF are extremely proud of their award-winning employment practice. The team have been instrumental in radically changing and forming the legal landscape of employment in the Greek public sector. With excellent legal action and court representation of numerous health professionals, the team have managed to compel the authorities to drastically change the salary scheme of the public sector with the adoption of new laws. The firm proved vital to these changes, as Panagiotis reveals the extent of their success. “The immediate result of our legal actions was the payment of a public expenditure that totalled the amount of 115 million euros. Most importantly, however, is the fact that the aforementioned legal outcome was applied to all public health professionals, represented by our firm or not. Hence, we are extremely proud that our legal actions benefitted and had a considerably favourable impact to the general public.” For this relatively small team of innovative legal minds, never giving up is key to their success. With out-of-the-box thinking and determination to get the best results possible, LKALF constantly strive to solve the unsolvable and win landmark cases. Successfully handling even the most extremely demanding cases, the team see their legal work as more of a responsibility than a profession. To hear Panagiotis talk about the firm’s work, one can understand his level of passion and enthusiasm. “We, lawyers, have the privilege to be entrusted with our clients’ business. This privilege, this ‘relationship of entrustment’ is the biggest asset for a lawyer…it is our duty to ‘educate’ our clients, to communicate to them this new aspect of lawyering as a responsibility, rather than a profession. Additionally, social responsibility must become a strategic choice for each law firm: we must recognize our social 'debt' and return to society the confidence it shows us. At the same time, our social profile must become an important asset, reinforcing our corporate identity.” Overall, the firm’s legal prowess is down to their ethical and committed practice that seeks to help everyone in society. Radically changing the employment landscape across Greece, LKALF’s work is the result of a team philosophy that is completely synchronised and dedicated to ensuring the very best outcomes for clients across the country. Contact: Panagiotis Lolas Website: https://www.lolaslegal.gr/ Lolas – Karakasilioti & Associates Law Firm are an innovative, committed and compelling group of lawyers who have cultivated a reputation as problem-solvers. Following their double win in AI’s Legal Awards, we caught up with Panagiotis Lolas, head of corporate and employment practice, to learn more about the firm’s work. Lolas - Karakasilioti & Associates Law Firm Company Name Award Title 2021 Legal Awards WINNER The Tier 2 Package is the perfect support to our front cover inclusion. Providing you with a cover support image and headline so our readers know exactly where to turn to. Complimented with a double-page spread, and various stylised items to enhance your award, this is a fantastic option for anyone looking for strong coverage. Award Title Company Name Has Been Named: This is to certify that: CERTIFICATE Legal awards 2021 Legal awards 2021