Legal Awards 2020

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2020 9 Best Family Law Firm - Michigan and Macomb Counties means that the team thoroughly understand not only the law of the area, but the people within it too. Success means that the team is in very high demand indeed, often called to areas outside of Oakland County. The firm sometimes takes cases in St. Clair or Lapeer County. But never in Wayne County. It is simply too far away for the firm to deliver the service they have become so well known for. Instead of making mistakes that could hurt clients, Mr Marchese and his team empower them to succeed. The customer service that the team always provide is one of the appeals to those who turn to the team. Needless to say, the fact that the firm ranks in the top five of all law firms in Oakland and Macomb County, a credit to the team’s exceptional determination to deliver stunning results. Moving forward, the team are looking at new ways of working that will complement what they already do. The law is constantly evolving and requires the latest in technology to ensure that the advice the team provides is fit for purpose. Computerized case management systems have transformed the way in which the Marchese Law Firm works. They ensure that clients receive the best possible service at every stage of a case. When someone must delve into the world of family law, they will find a place that is complex, messy and emotional. Finding the facts and changing opinion is not an easy task. For the team at the Marchese Law Firm, it’s their passion. They know they can make a real difference to people’s lives, for the better. Their success in Acquisition International’s Legal Awards is no surprise, and a sure sign of exceptional things yet to come.