Legal Awards 2020

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2020 37 IP Law Firm of the Year - Central Europe Intellectual property is something that every creator and inventor needs to concern themselves with, especially at a time where more people have the ability to create than ever before. Da Vinci Partners LLC comprises a highly trained and multi-lingual team of licensed IP specialists with competencies that allow it to represent clients directly before a number of national and regional patent and trademark offices, particularly in Europe and the United States. We take a closer look at the firm to find out more. iewing its clients very much as the Da Vincis of today’s world, this outstanding IP law firm partners with outstanding and world-class innovators to better ensure that their brands, their core ideas, and their inventions are protected all over the world. Based in Switzerland, Da Vinci Partners occupies the entire 800-year-old former City Hall of Arbon, and is ideally located two hours from the EPO, an hour from Zurich, and just fifteen minutes from the Swiss patent court. The firm’s founder, John Moetteli, worked previously for NASA and has extensive experience in technical and scientific work. Being American, European, and international patent and trademark attorneys, the team has represented clients all over the world. With strong relations also inChina, the firmcan provide advice and guidance for its clients that wish to enter the Chinese market, manufacture in China, or protect their products from Asian competitors. V In everything that the firm does, it strives to meet its client’s ever- changing needs in a results-oriented, efficient, and effective manner. Primarily, this is done by tapping into an extensive network of correspondents from all over the world, and using them to effectively manage intellectual property matters for clients, regardless of their country of domicile. For Da Vinci Partners, it is all about protecting the IP rights of the client, and then also helping them augment the value of their portfolio by favouring the development of productive IP assets whilst getting rid of the dead wood. The firm’s main target markets include start-up ventures as well as large corporations, where it can help with matters including patents, trademark, litigation, and licensing, as well as computer law with particular emphasis on software patenting and licensing. With the global legal economy, the Asian market is currently growing rapidly for Da Vinci Partners, and as such, there is an ever-expanding market for legal services such as those it offers. However, the global nature of the firm is also what stands it apart from the competition. Da Vinci Partners is amongst the first intellectual property firms in the world to be established in Europe with a primary focus on United States intellectual property law. Yet, the firm has not become disillusioned by the outstanding level of success it has achieved. The firm knows that it owes its success to providing client-oriented, global intellectual property services aimed at ensuring the client’s long-term success. Never will Da Vinci Partners suggest services that it does not believe the client needs. Rather, it will seek to provide suggestions for a route that maximizes the value of a client’s IP portfolio by ensuring that each investment is accompanied by current market and competitive information, thereby helping the client make the appropriate business decisions. It is most often the case that the battle for the global market of a product or service is won or lost in the United States. If a company’s US intellectual property is lost, the war for the global market is all but over. Da Vinci Partners is thus uniquely positioned in Europe to provide this US-focused, face-to-face advice to a company’s management, at a place and time that suits them best. Beyond this US-focus, Da Vinci Partners is well positioned to provide clients with global strategic counsel regarding Swiss, German, European, and other international patent, trademark, and copyright, as well as litigation management in just about any jurisdiction. If the client prefers, the firm can manage a client’s entire intellectual property docket as well. Ultimately, Da Vinci Partners is involved in enabling and empowering the true innovators, inventors, and creators of today, bringing to life new creations that make the world a better place to live. Aug20523 Company: Da Vinci Partners LLC Contact: Laura Kindlimann Website: