Legal Awards 2020

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2020 31 Best International Trade Law Firm - Bolivia Founded in the year 2000, Reinicke Ostria – Law Offices LLC was born with the aim of providing legal excellence by offering high levels of quality and efficiency in each and every one of the legal issues that it addresses. The only measures of its success are the concrete results and the satisfaction of its clients. We find out more about the firm to discover the reasons for its recognition in this years’ iteration of the Legal Awards from Acquisition International. ince being founded two decades ago, Reinicke Ostria’s priority has been to build long-term relationships with clients, based on reciprocity, trust, and the highest standard of professional ethics. Through the adoption of new models for the provision of legal services, the firm strives to redefine the role that a firm plays in an emerging international market in order to produce truly exceptional results for its clients. The focus on the firm is to develop, as soon as possible, a solid strategic understanding of the circumstances of each of its clients. With expertise in administrative and regulatory law, arbitration, finance law, project finance, corporate, M&A, criminal law, environmental law, foreign investment, international trade, labour law, and many others, there is plenty of excellence to go around here. S That excellence that is in such abundance at Reinicke Ostria is based on a culture that values teamwork, diversity, and inclusion. Each team member has their voices heard, and everyone is encouraged to innovate as long as they present compelling, fact, and legal-driven evidence. Leaders at all levels strive to be inclusive and hide nothing from their teams. Every lawyer is encouraged to flourish through unique perks, including fifty percent tuition assistance for master’s degrees and executive education programs, monthly dinners, and lectures from internal and external experts. Each year, hundreds of law students apply to work at Reinicke Ostria, and this allows the firm to have the luxury of being able to be highly selective and only offer employment to the best of the best. When choosing who to hire, it looks for students with exceptional records of achievement, with a variety of backgrounds and talents. This kind of student evolves into a lawyer who will be exceptional and equally committed to the standard of excellence that Reinicke Ostria demands. In Bolivia, the legal profession is very competitive, especially when considering the fact that there are more lawyers than what is required by society. This means that only the best law firms truly grow and are able to sustain themselves through time. What sets Reinicke Ostria apart from the competition is based on several factors. First off, it will always determine, with its clients, what their preferred communication protocol is, and then set out under what circumstances the client would like to communicate. The client’s in-house counsel is also invited to a special session for the purpose of briefing Reinicke Ostria on matters related to better understanding the client’s current business goals and developments in the industry. In relation to transparency and collaboration in pricing, the firm offers flat fees, hybrid billing, or alternative price structures. Above all, the firm avoids surprising the client when the bill arrives. Instead, it focuses on delivering an extremely personalized service in which the client has full access to the partner in charge of their case. Looking ahead to the future, the plan is to double the size of the Santa Cruz office. It has already acquired new office grounds in a brand-new building, which is under development and will be finished by December 2020. By 2021, Reinicke Ostria would like to open a branch office either in Chile or Panama following due diligence to determine which country it will be. Ultimately, the success will surely continue to come for the firm, despite the wealth of competition. Standing out in the legal industry in Bolivia is no small feat, but one that the firm accomplishes daily thanks to its excellence. Aug20317 Company: Reinicke Ostria - Estudio De Abogados S.R.L. Contact: Benjamin Reinicke Ostria Website: Since being founded two decades ago, Reinicke Ostria’s priority has been to build long-term relationships with clients, based on reciprocity, trust, and the highest standard of professional ethics.