Legal Awards 2020

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2020 27 Aug20218 Company: Schilleci & Tortorici, P.C. Contact: Joseph P. Schilleci Jr, and Jason P. Tortorici Website: ith a combined experience of almost half a century of representing clients across the entirety of the United States, Schilleci & Tortorici works with clients to develop regulatory compliance strategies as well as assisting clients in a myriad of matters. These can involve product labelling, advertising, GMPs, product recalls, and formulation amongst many other things, including providing legal opinions and analysis. It has also been involved in litigation with the FDA and the FTC, as well as represented clients in litigation related to contractual issues involving suppliers and vendors, insurance, product liability, and intellectual property. In addition, Schilleci & Tortorici also represents clients in the food and beverage, hemp, and CBD industries, as well as other areas of the health and fitness, and entertainment industries in contractual and regulatory matters. Schilleci & Tortorici offers the best of both worlds in regard to legal representation of its clients. For clients in the 21st century, there are few other options for the best, most highly qualified, and cost-effective representation. Whilst the main offices for the firm are in Birmingham, Alabama, the firm also maintains an office in Los Angeles, California, due to the nature of the clients who are nationwide ranging from small to large in size in terms of sales volume. The firm is able to do this by extensively using cloud-based technology, virtual meetings, and video conferences in addition to live meetings. From the outset, the firm has set out its mission to become a beacon of uniqueness and difference from the typical law firm setting. In all instances, Schilleci & Tortorici strives to make its clients feel comfortable that they each will be given personal attention, and this is accomplished in part by the firm eliminating the need for support staff. All calls and clients that come to the office are answered directly by Mr Schilleci and Mr Tortorici themselves. However, there are other staff that support the lawyers in their work. All interviews are conducted to explore the candidate’s professional qualifications, as well as unearth more about their personality in relation to the firm’s own core values. One of the biggest shifts in recent memory is the pandemic of COVID-19 that has spread like wildfire throughout the world. For Schilleci & Tortorici, the virus was not a major adjustment to life. Since its beginning, the firm has always tried to be on the cutting edge of technology and personal interaction with clients through alternative means besides just in-person meetings. The firm has also routinely used video conferencing methods long prior to such meeting formats becoming prevalent due to COVID-19. Similarly, the firm has W Schilleci & Tortorici, P.C. is a law firm designed with the goal of personal service and attention to the needs of its clients in the 21st century. The firm focuses on representing businesses and their owners in matter related to business formation advice, transactions, service contracts, insurance, and litigation. With client across a veritable multitude of industries and sectors, the firm’s excellence seemingly knows no bounds. We take a closer look, following the firm’s success in this years’ Legal Awards Best Food&Nutrition Product Regulatory Compliance Specialists - USA employed the use of cloud-based technology for file storage and retrieval, and have been doing so for many years. What sets Schilleci & Tortorici apart from the competition is the way in which it represents clients in the 21st century; a time of young, entrepreneurial minds raised in a new era with a new way of thinking. An analysis based upon new, creative, and unique ways of addressing the client’s needs was needed. In conjunction with this, the firm now offers extremely cost-effective and efficient representation that is designed to accommodate any individual’s particular needs. When coupled with the extremely low overhead, the firm can typically undercut the competition in providing high quality service at a fraction of the cost of the larger, more traditional law firms. Looking to the future, plans are in place for a continuation of the expansion that has been ongoing since the firm started. Plans are to continue to expand its footprint in the areas of dietary supplements, CBD and hemp products, and other alternative health and fitness areas, both as legal representatives for clients as well as advocates for the industries it represents. Ultimately, Schilleci & Tortorici is a law firm of the highest calibre that has cultivated a reputation of success for both itself, and its clients. As the world continues to change, business owners everywhere can rest assured that this law firm has their best interests at heart.