Legal Awards 2020

24 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2020 Aug20389 stablished in 2017, B&Law Consulting is a law firm composed of a dynamic teamof professionals boasting diverse, complementary and cross-cutting skills, dedicated to providing best-in-class services to our clients. Offering expertise and advice in contract, corporate, commercial, tax, international trade, employment and general business law, B&Law Consulting is an elite organisation dedicated to excellence, team spirit and ethics. Aiming to be a genuine partner for companies tackling issues within business and law, B&Law Consulting is dedicated to maintaining transparency and independence when handling client matters. Since the firm’s establishment, their values have centred around providing comprehensive and relevant legal services and removing obstacles for clients using profound knowledge of applicable law in specific business areas. As a result, B&Law Consulting recently signed a collaborativeagreement inGabonwith the international firm, Andersen. B&Law Consulting boasts a skilled team dedicated to analysing laws and decrees constituting the written statues applicable to each industry within Gabon, a country that operates under a statute law system, meaning the law is essentially built from hundreds of written and enforceable regulations. With their thorough knowledge and understanding of the system, the firm aims to reduce the insecurity felt by national and foreign investors regarding Gabon national law, principally through the creation of comprehensive resources that are available online. The development of these resources on the B&Law website are still ongoing, but will provide guidance of regulations applicable in Gabon and work to bring together business and legal approaches that will cultivate a network of well-informed and compliant companies that are adapting to thrive in the national market and beyond. With over fifteen years of experience in legal and multicultural environments, Founding Partner and Manager Khadidjatou Boussougou conducts a rigorous recruitment process to maintain the standards of excellence at B&Law Consulting. Seeking attributes of availability, rigour, ethics, honesty, confidentiality and ideally transversal qualifications in new talent, Khadidjatou sees candidates through interviews, psychotechnical tests, written tests on legal issues and a final interview with the manager herself. The result is a strong team of dedicated professionals who can guarantee excellence in legal expertise and client care. As the world faces a period of health, economic and social crises that are creating complex economic situations worldwide, support businesses such as the legal services sector are being put under a E B&Law Consulting is a Gabonese law firm devoted to excellence. Offering experienced legal advice in contract, corporate, commercial, trade, tax and employment law, this forward-thinking law firm is reconsidering the role it plays in light of the current context of globalisation and the Covid-19 pandemic. With businesses around the world relying on the support of organisations such as B&Law, the Gabonese law firm is stepping up to offer the most complete and comprehensive services it can. Best Business Law Firm 2020 - Central Africa & Most Disruptive Legal Services Provider - Central Africa great deal of pressure to maintain the ‘good health’ of the organisations in their care. While this is slowing down activity for many within the sector, B&Law has innovatively remedied the predicament, combining compliance and profitability by proposing to customers who have additional needs for equity to develop some profitable investment projects to connect them with capitalised investors specialised in their fields of activity. Not only does this enable B&Law customers to optimise their businesses, but the firm is able to broaden their scope of advisory services. While expanding its advisory services, B&Law is also considering how their organisation can continue to grow and develop. In the short term, this predominantly consists of finalising their online platform designed to make Gabonese law more accessible and comprehensible both locally and abroad. This would contribute to the legal and economic integration of Gabon in Central Africa and could go on to become a model that is successfully duplicated in other African countries. For B&Law, the current global situation is calling for a reinvention of the consulting profession so that it takes a much more pragmatic approach, beginning with redefining new roles that would have a more positive economic impact. B&Law is already leading the way in this innovative approach beginning with the creation of digital resources whilst also continuing to offer their clients excellent advice for growth and sustainability. Contact: Khadidjatou BOUSSOUGOU Company: B&Law Consulting Web Address: