Legal Awards 2020

20 Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2020 Trademark Law Firm of the Year – Peru & Client Service Excellence Award - Peru The protection of intellectual property is one of the most challenging aspects of law, especially with the constantly changing area of technology and the internet to consider. Finding the right lawyer to deal with is vital, and there are none finer than Estudio Bazán Martos S.A.C. We take a closer look at this exceptional law firm to see how they’ve reached such enviable heights of success. ince February 1982, the team at Estudio Bazán Martos have offered clients comprehensive advice on intellectual property issues for both national and foreign clients. The firm has become well known on an international level, positioning themselves at the level of their most demanding competitors. The team place their clients first and foremost at all stages. Every case is treated with the utmost transparency and respect. This approach has led to many favorable results, allowing the team to develop many long-lasting relationships with clients. Much of the firm’s business has been gained thanks to the commitment to customer service, with new clients constantly being referred. One of the challenges that the team face is the changing laws and regulations surrounding intellectual property. As the situation is constantly in flux, academic excellence amongst every employee is paramount. This is not to say that soft skills are ignored, and those who work for Estudio Bazán Martos know that any difficulties during a case must be handled not only professionally, but in an emotional and conscientious way. The policy of the firm has always been to offer a personalized service that analyses each case and ensures that its individual needs are met. To ensure that clients are always kept in the loop and satisfied with progress, queries are always answered quickly. The team are actually located incredibly closely to the state entity focused on intellectual property. This means that any procedures that must be carried out by the team can be done incredibly quickly. The decision to focus on a niche layer of law, such as intellectual property has allowed Estudio Bazán Martos to stand out from the competition. They have been able to take an innovative approach in a specialized area. The protection of intellectual property is closely to technological advances, a point which is often more technically minded than it is a legal challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many professions, and the legal sector is no different. The team have adapted quickly to a new world of working from home, implementing teleworking, health protocol and the use of remote technologies to continue maintaining the high standards of quality for which the firm has become renowned. By using these techniques, Estudio Bazán Martos has been able to operate in much the same way as it always has, while ensuring that clients are exposed to the virus as little as possible. In these times, the steps made to protect health are invaluable. S Aug20226 Once the pandemic has abated, and the situation has found a new normal, the team at Estudio Bazán Martos are looking to expand regionally across Latin America. They already have correspondents around the world, but greater alliances and a firmer foothold would clearly be of significant advantage. It would allow the team to reach new clients and cover fresh legal ground more effectively than ever before. The success of Estudio Bazán Martos is clear, and it’s a credit to the team’s exceptional work ethic. With such great plans for the future, this is a firm that will continue to thrive and flourish for many years to come. Company: Estudio Bazán Martos S.A.C. Contact: Jonny Abraham Bazan Martos | Luiggi Andre Bazan Mesias Website: Email: