Legal Awards 2020

Acquisition International - Legal Awards 2020 11 Best Family Law Firm - South of England legal system. LIL uses CLIO, which is a North American based digital legal system that has been designed specifically to ensure all law firms store personal client details securely. Clients are promised that all documents provided to the firm will be stored with maximum security, so that no information is ever leaked or passed on to any unauthorised person or organisation. The firm prides itself on it’s level of preparation for court bundles and this has been acknowledged by leading barristers and Judges. Looking ahead to the future, the plans for the near future and far future are centred around a desire to be both dynamic and revolutionary. LIL is currently engaging in a serious and complex development of the company website which will bring to prominence the fact that it will be the first legal services provider to be able to provide a truly multi-faceted range of services. These include freelance solicitors, self-employed barristers, paralegals on full salaries and paid training contracts, and registered independent social workers (ISW’s). By 2025, LIL hopes to be a leading multi-faceted legal services provider that covers all aspects of a de-regulated UK legal industry. Ultimately, LIL is at the heart of what the legal industry should be; brilliant in it’s service to people. With pro bono roots that seek to build goodwill between firm and client, LIL has changed people’s lives for the better in family law matters, and this has been testified to many times in writing by clients. If the firm can continue this desire to better the lives of several hundred or several thousand people because of its work, then it will have achieved professional fulfilment and remain fully deserving of every past, present, and future success. Client Alex Reid, Dilara Artuc (LIL) & Andrew Burr (instructed Counsel) outside the Royal Courts of Justice on 8th March 2020.