2020 Influential Businesswoman Awards

4 Acquisition International - 2020 Worldwide Finance Awards he story of AHS Design Group may only begin a decade ago, but the story of Luciana Corwin’s outstanding success begins further back than that. For more than eighteen years, Luciana has dedicated herself to gaining experience and working tirelessly as a fantastic architect, residential designer, and interior designer at all of the various stages and phases of design and construction. Luciana’s journey to success began back with her education and the start of her career in Brazil. As a woman working in the industry in Brazil, many figures in the engineering and building industries chose merely to see Luciana as a decorator, or just someone to turn to for select finishes when the project was complete. The reality is that she was, and has become, so much more than that, proving all those doubters and scrutinisers wrong along the way. Despite feeling as though she had to constantly prove herself all the time as a foreign woman in business, Luciana opened her own company ten years ago, AHS Design Group. What began with a singular project here and there has since evolved into one of the busiest and most exceptional architecture, residential design, and interior design firms in Austin, Texas. Today, AHS Design Group offers its clients architectural design for homes in and around the Austin area of Texas, with work including architectural design, construction documentation, City of Austin approval process assistance, and interior design selections. Many of the clients that Luciana and her firm serves are investors and young professionals that are aspiring to begin the adventure of building and owning their own home. As a direct result of the clients that she serves, many of Luciana’s designs for residences are contemporary or modern, with a few transitional houses also scattered in her own portfolio. Over the ten years that AHS Design Group has been in business, the one-project- at-a-time approach has been grown out of in favour of a more busy style of working. The last ten years have given rise to more than fifty houses built in the Austin area by the dedicated team at AHS Design Group. That dedication does not just stretch to the team, but also to Most Passionate Architecture Business Leader 2020 (Texas): Luciana Corwin & Most Outstanding Architecture & Interior Design Firm 2020 – Austin T Luciana herself. As the owner, Luciana is personally involved in every design and client communication throughout a project’s duration. Having worked so hard to build her firm up from nothing, Luciana can be proud that a lot of her clients come to AHS Design Group by being referred from builders and investors that have been worked with before for many years. These groups support one another, and relay information and experiences that can help shape the future of residential architecture design for all parties involved. Luciana aims to keep a professional and fruitful working relationship with all the professionals involved during the process of each house. Every time that a new client, builder, or investor works with AHS Design Group and the entire team at the firm, they find themselves pleasantly surprised by the extended portfolio of Luciana’s excellence that they are greeted with. Perhaps Luciana’s greatest achievement to date is exactly where she is right now. Hailing from humble beginning, Luciana has risen to a place where she owns her own company, is working full-time in her passion for architecture, and is able to see the result of her work when it is built and finished. Getting to this point through working at other firms and gaining experience meant that Luciana was able to become one of the strongest leaders in the architecture design world today. She worked for a few years on the commercial side of architecture, in providing materials, making selections, sharing information, and acting as a sales rep, but she also worked on the technical side of interior design and remodelling. Even after gaining all of this experience, Luciana still felt as though she was not using her full potential and was frustrated. However, looking back, she can now see that working with one small room or a small property gave her an excellence experience that was useful when designing an outstanding floorplan for an entire multi-bedroom house. Armed with this experience, knowledge, and insight, Luciana is able to focus on the functionality of each room and how each room For many professionals working in the world today, regardless of the business, sector, or industry that they work in, their work also doubles as their passion. For others, the process was one of transformation, with the passion leading the individual into a role where they could grow that passion. For Luciana Corwin, that passion was architecture and her professional work in architectural design is nothing short of exceptional. Today, we highlight Luciana’s success as a reflection of her achievement in the Influential Businesswoman Awards 2020 from Acquisition International. Company: AHS Design Group Contact: Luciana Corwin Website: www.ahsdesigngroup.com

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