Leading Adviser Awards 2020

8 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2020 18 Acqu s tion International - Issue 7 2020 Innovative Contributions Booth Udall Fuller, PLC is a boutique intellectual property law firm dedicated to exclusively handling patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and licensing. Having been recognised as one of Acquisition International’s Leading Advisers of 2020, we got in touch with Kenneth Booth to find out more. ith extensive experience across the field of intellectual property, Booth Udall Fuller, PLC have been representing businesses of all sizes across the world since forming in 2005. To start, Kenneth offers more insight into the specialisms which have seen him become one of the leading patent and trademark attorneys in Arizona. “As a registered patent attorney and IP Coach® of more than 20 years specialising in patent and trademark services, I am qualified and experienced to represent clients in all intellectual property matters before the United States Patent and Trademark office, and elsewhere. With an emphasis on client education, I offer IP protection and aim to advance company value in line with client business goals and direction. Additionally, I provide boutique quality guidance and representation at state, federal and international levels during every phase in the life of patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and licensing assets.” Since becoming a patent attorney, Kenneth has developed a passion for IP strategies which can help direct and protect client innovations. However, as he goes on to explain, his enthusiasm for technology stems from his studies in engineering. “I have always had an entrepreneurial interest in IP, but I became a patent attorney largely so I could learn about new technologies and understand how things work. To be paid while learning about these fundamental details, has been extremely fulfilling.” Booth Udall Fuller, PLC was formed to serve the IP needs of their clients and as Kenneth points out, being a boutique size firm has enabled them to exclusively focus on their clients’ specialised areas of concern. “We serve all ranges of clients from mid- to large-sized local companies, to huge multi-national companies. We partner with companies around the world to provide the additional specialties our clients need in the best way possible.” At present, the IP sector is an extremely competitive one to operate in, however as Kenneth explains further many of the firm’s attorneys have broad, diverse and advanced technology backgrounds which has paid dividends when it comes to delivering a service to their clients. “Typically, we involve ourselves in the business strategies of our clients and help them to understand how to protect their business markets with intellectual property. Many of our attorneys in fact have advanced level technical degrees in addition to their technology experience through years of representing diverse client technologies, so their innovative contributions should never be undervalued.” Having worked in the IP industry over the latest 20 years, Kenneth has faced a number of challenges during his time. As he points out, arguably his biggest challenge and joy has been determining the strategies needed to help his clients expand their IP portfolios to be acquired by larger companies. “Because of my focus in helping my clients protect their business markets through patents, trademarks W and copyrights, many are able to increase their product offerings and corresponding portfolio while under my watch, which often results in larger companies buying out the smaller clients.” The challenge of developing workable IP strategies for business protection has brought new opportunities which he continues to thrive from today, as he explains further. “To see a technology patent and trademark portfolio that you have built and worked on for so many years be valued so highly by another company in an acquisition is rewarding. It always gives me the opportunity to experience new technologies and help new companies grow, and often results in a strong relationship with the new acquiring company as well. This combination of rewarding experience is what keeps me excited to meet new companies and new challenges.” Behind the success of Booth Udall Fuller, PLC lies the commitment and dedication of its employees. As Kenneth explains, without their contributions the firm wouldn’t be able to provide the highest standard client service that it provides. “Our staff are the primary reason for the success of the firm, with many of our clients finding they can communicate 70-80% of their needs effectively to our junior attorneys and paralegals when our partners aren’t immediately available, and know which of our experienced attorneys should be called when more complex legal work is needed. Not only does this keep legal costs down for our clients, but it also attests to the value and professionalism of everyone at our firm.” Finally, Kenneth comments on the future of the firm and its plans for 2020 and beyond. “Going forward, in addition to always seeking new, innovative clients to work with, we are looking for experienced, qualified patent attorneys and paralegals to join the BUF family. As much as we value qualifications, we want people who fit into the style of our firm. Patent and Trademark skills can be taught, personality and character are a real value.” Contact Name: Kenneth Booth Telephone Number: 14808302700 Address: 1255 W. Rio Salado Parkway, #215 Tempe, Arizona 85281, USA Web Address: www.BoothUdall.com Mar20344 Leading Patent and Trademark Attorney of the Year, Arizona