Leading Adviser Awards 2020

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2020 75 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 1 1 13 Sep20584 Serving with Confidence Beneki Laskos Law Firm is an Athens-based law firm specialising in Business Law and related litigation, which brings together modernity and traditional values to deliver personable, client-centric and cutting-edge legal services. Driven by the belief that their clients’ success is their success, this award-winning firm is committed to achieving productive, timely and cost-effective results for their clients, who are predominantly foreign businesses operating in Greece. eneki Laskos Law Firm is a legal practice specialising in Business Law and related litigation, that was founded with a vision to bridge the gap between courts and enterprises, helping the two institutions understand one another. The firm’s comprehensive selection of services centre around explaining the practicalities and mentality of a modern corporation to a Greek court, presenting the modern business environment in an accessible way so that the courts can better understand the circumstances of a business and making them more amenable to the case that business is presenting. Beneki Laskos principally works either directly or through Greek partners with foreign corporations or individuals that have established themselves in Greece. Companies, banks, commercial and financial institutions; these organisations are usually referred to Beneki Laskos by foreign law firms or commercial representative bodies. Employing the insights and practical experience acquired through their legal education and training in the UK, which also includes French language acquisition, the firm’s team of professional lawyers also collaborates with a large number of experts, technical advisors, academics, accountants, auditors, stock exchange analysts and B Contact: Afroditi Beneki Company: Beneki Laskos Law Firm Web Address: www.laskoslaw.gr military consultants in order to best serve their clients with confidence, in a fast and efficient manner. Driven by traditional values of professionalism and confidentiality, respect of the clients and their needs, results-oriented effectiveness and compliance with agreements, the firm also boasts cutting-edge knowledge and experience of technology to ensure their clients receive personable yet relevant services. Beneki Laskos is therefore able to offer comprehensive services that include cases of protection of Personal Data, infringements of business secrecy, intellectual property and trademarks. The firm also boasts deep awareness and knowledge of the new European Regulation GDPR (effective as of May 25th, 2018). With a cohesive blend of modernity and traditional values at the heart of their business, Beneki Laskos has curated an internal culture of teamwork and professional development through support and collaboration. The firm employs ambitious young talent who embody the traditional values and modern business culture which Beneki Laskos is built on, who are also able to demonstrate resilience and ingenuity in the face of the daily challenges faced by the legal industry. As a result, the Beneki Laskos team is comprised of driven individuals whose contributions to the success of the firm is recognised and valued every day. The challenges faced by the Beneki Laskos team and their clients have principally centred around the financial crisis in Greece over the last ten years and the support of its economy by the trilateral support mechanism (ECB, EU and IMF). The impacts of the crisis have been felt heavily on all aspects of life in Greece in the past decade, putting the sustainability of all industries, including legal, at risk. However, for some enterprises and entrepreneurs, the crisis has presented new opportunities for innovation and potential paths for new businesses. Beneki Laskos is working alongside these entrepreneurs in their efforts to actively contribute to the recovery and rejuvenation of the Greek economy. The firm is exploring several possible avenues, including privatisations and, more recently, innovations that have been inspired and born from the Covid-19 pandemic, such as digitisation of the public sector, including the judicial sector, which has capitalised on technological advancements to enable remote working and a boost for telecommunications. As Greece and the rest of the world take on the fourth industrial revolution, Beneki Laskos is looking forward to employing their extensive technological experience and insights to develop their own business, whilst simultaneously staying true to the traditional values upon which the law firm has been successfully built. Co-founder, Pelops Laskos Leading Commercial and Civil Litigation Law Firm of the Year, Greece