Leading Adviser Awards 2020

56 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2020 6 Acquisit on International - Issue 2 2021 Lexial Is A Leading Law Firm Created in 2007, Lexial Law Firm is an international beacon of excellence within the two main fields of business immigration law, and international criminal and political law. With offices across continental Europe, there is much to admire about this firm, including the fact that it is home to Emmanuel Ruchat, this month’s winner of the title of Leading Specialist Immigration and Human Rights Lawyer of the Year, Belgium & France. Following Mr Ruchat’s success in the Acquisition International Leading Adviser 2020 supplement, we take a closer look at what he has to offer, and what makes Lexial such an outstanding law firm. trategically located with offices in Paris, Brussels, and Geneva, the work of Lexial is incredibly valuable for those involved in the worlds of international business and immigration, criminal and political law. As well as these, Lexial also works in the fields of business and employment, delivering outstanding services to every client that requires them. Since its inception, the firm’s aim has always been to assist its clients in a manner that puts the firm as close as possible to the problems themselves. In doing so, Lexial is able to provide a service that encompasses efficient and adapted solutions. Created and founded over thirteen years ago, the work of Lexial specialises in two main fields. The first field of competence that the firm can boast proficiency in is that of business immigration law, which is an assistance to international travellers looking to establish their company, as well as a number of other activities. Many people travel internationally for work, and some people travel internationally to found a business in a country that is foreign to them. Establishing these companies, investing in them, developing a market share, working, and gaining a reputation for success is no easy feat. Particularly within the countries of France, Belgium, and Switzerland, this can be made easier with the help of Lexial. The firm takes on many different cases and develops solutions and services that clients can make use of when establishing their business as an immigrant. Quite a departure from the world of business immigration law is the second field of competence that Lexial boasts; international criminal and political law. The services provided here include extradition processes, criminal defence (notably of foreign political figures brought before Belgian and French courts), and European proceedings before the Court of Justice of European Union or the European Court of Human Rights. Within these two strong fields of competence and service, there are a multitude of clients that Lexial works diligently to serve. Many of the clients that this exceptional law firm works with are generally nationals from non-European Union countries. They may be investors, starters, employers, or executives, but they all have one thing in common that unites them; they seek out the services of Lexial, rather than it being the other way around. Based on the word of mouth success that the firm has benefitted from, they are able to work in a way that enables clients to come to the firm when they need the service that it can provide for them. One of the core reasons that the firm has achieved such a sterling reputation within the industry is thanks to the hard work and dedication of its staff, one of whom has stood out in recent months; Mr Emmanuel Ruchat. Mr Ruchat has been a lawyer since 1996, and draws on a wealth of experience that includes a business management degree, a S master’s degree in business law, and an applied postgraduate degree in insurance and liability law. His experience and expertise gathered throughout the years has culminated in no small amount of success, and this recent achievement of the title of Leading Specialist Immigration and Human Rights Lawyer of the Year, Belgium & France is a fitting testament to his hard work. Year on year, Mr Ruchat has been classified as one of the best in the business of being a corporate immigration lawyer for self-employed and executive employees. He has authored a great many articles on these topics, where he draws on his experience being licensed to litigate at the Belgian Supreme Court in criminal law since February 2016. That same year also saw Mr Ruchat recognized by the Bar Association with the title of Specialist in Immigration Law and in Criminal Law. Business immigration work often includes a large amount of paperwork and rough relationships alongside embassies, banks, and administrative authorities. Yet, this is a part of his work that Lexial team approaches with enthusiasm and dedication every day. Clients are often in a hurry, and this outstanding lawyer ensures that he and his team deliver success to every client. Despite the fact that it can a slow-moving process that has a lot of paperwork and relationship- building, this work enables him to have a direct line of communication to the client at all times. Lexial lawyers regularly talk every day with people all around the world, and enjoys the travel when it is permitted. Surrounding himself with like-minded individuals, Mr Ruchat ensures that his team of lawyers know what is expected of them. The main qualities that are expected include endurance, creativity, a complete absence of naivety, self-governance, self-sufficiency, a very high level of French language skills, and a good level of English skills. This is not a role for people who need watching and telling what to do next; this is for people who do what they have to do, and can be left to their own devices. Working independently has been brought to the forefront in 2020 with the arrival of COVID-19. Yet, paradoxically, 2020 and its train of worldwide misfortunates was not so bad for the team at Lexial. Brexit send the firm new British clients who need to maintain contact with the European Union, Donald Trump sent the firm some of his fellow citizens who wanted to escape his possible re-election, and COVID-19 presented some opportunities to clients able to invest in the right ways. Ultimately, Lexial servesmany clients inmany ways, but the excellence of the service is always front and centre. Clients can benefit from services that are delivered in a way that always puts them first, and gets them the results they want. Lexial and Mr Ruchat have spent years refining knowledge and expertise, and both are now in a place Oct20049 Leading Specialist Immigration and Human Rights Lawyer of the Year, Belgium & France