Leading Adviser Awards 2020

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2020 55 96 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2021 Oct20022 ne of Croatia’s most reliable business partners for Deal Advisory services, KPMG has been a true staple of the industry, experiencing dynamic growth and expansion since its beginning. Operating as part of the KPMG global network, the Croatian branch offers a wide range of services to both domestic and international companies across a myriad of major industries. Currently employing more than 225 individuals and eight partners in the business district of Zagreb, KPMG Croatia and its team remains entirely focused on cultivating and cementing long-term relationships, both internally and externally. A key figure at the firm as one of its eight partners, Daniel Radic and his team of eight vastly experienced experts have cultivated the M&A practice at KPMG Croatia into one of the finest across the whole country. Mr Radic’s journey towards excellence began more than twenty five years ago. After graduating from the University of Zagreb with a degree in Engineering and Computing, Mr Radic then went on to join KPMG in London in 1995. After three years, he swiftly qualified as a Chartered Accountant, and transferred to the financial sector practice, with a focus on corporate finance and management consulting with KPMG ’s London branch. In 2000, Mr Radic returned to Zagreb and joined forces with the team at KPMG Croatia to continue delivering excellence as part of the Deal Advisory practice there. During his time back in Zagreb, this leading adviser has worked on numerous projects, both domestic and international, in countries such as Hungary, Montenegro, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, and Slovenia to name but a few. Over the last two decades of service to KPMG Croatia, Mr Radic has refined his experience to become one of the most dependable, reliable and expert minds in the field of M&A transaction advice. Mr Radic’s expertise includes valuation, due diligence, valuation of merger synergies, advice on structuring transactions from an accounting, financial, and tax perspective, advice and support on entry into Croatian market, and investment restructuring. Very often, mergers and acquisitions require an experienced and steady hand to offer full support throughout the process. Mr Radic has extensive experience in M&A transactions, having been advising on equity, debt raising, and financial restructuring for more than two decades in industries ranging from tourism and real estate, to banking and insurance. O For almost thirty years, KPMG Croatia has been providing full-scope Deal Advisory, Consulting, Tax Advisory and Audit services as part of its membership with KPMG International. Following the firm’s success in the 2020 Leading Adviser programme as the “Leading Market Entry and M&A Transactions Advisory of the Year”, we took a closer look at the expert work being conducted by the team. KPMG Croatia : A True Leading Light in the Deal Advisory, Consulting, Tax and Audit Industries On the selling side alone in 2019, Mr Radic was responsible for handling, and successfully closing, deals with equity values in excess of € 350 million. Mr Radic also played a vital role in rescheduling and refinancing companies via both debt and equity funds raised locally and internationally. Given the low interest rates and abundant capital environment, this leading adviser’s focus remains on assisting clients with raising funds to facilitate expansion and growth, as well as his exceptional work with the selling side of mergers and acquisitions across Croatia. The true strengths of both KPMG Croatia and Mr Radic himself lie in the multi-disciplinary, multi-industry, and multi-service approach that they take with each client, offering exemplary services that consistently go above and beyond the call of duty. Diligent and meticulous with every merger or acquisition, Mr Radic and his team employ deep knowledge of banking, private equity, and various other industries to help structure deals, raise financing, and successfully close deals. Both the firm and the man himself are fully deserving of the accolades that come their way, thanks in no small part to the excellence on display every day. Company: KPMG Croatia Contact: Daniel Radic Website: https://home.kpmg/hr/en/home.html Leading Market Entry and M&A Transactions Advisory of the Year, Croatia