Leading Adviser Awards 2020

54 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2020 26 Issue 12 2020 Supporting Growing Enterprises Established in 2009, Hotter & Partner is a dynamic economic consulting enterprise developed from a classic tax consulting firm. With decades of experience, the Austria-based firm has evolved to keep up with the constantly shifting sector it operates in, covering services in everything from payroll accounting to business and finance consulting. We spoke to Martin Hotter, Founder and member of the tax advisory team behind Hotter and Partner, to find out more. ased in Graz, Austria, Hotter and Partner is a consultancy firm that has developed from a classic tax consulting firm into a diverse, economic consulting company covering a comprehensive range of services, including tax consulting, payroll and administrative accounting, business and finance consulting. Since 2009, Hotter and Partner has been using decades of combined experience within consulting to develop into a truly comprehensive service provider of tax, consulting and financial advisory services. Mr Martin Hotter, who began his career in the industry in 1996, created the firm in collaboration with Ms Sonja Pulsinger-Wurm, a tax accountant and certified public accountant and Mr Philipp Lindner, an expert on business consulting. Delivering services in the creation of business plans and consulting on strategic decisions, Hotter and Partner has advised an array of clients, predominantly SMEs, in business expansions and takeovers, as well as providing consultancy on crisis situations and finance management. With the help of their dynamic team, the Hotter senior management team are specialists in fulfilling the needs and requirements of their clients, providing specialist knoweldge, lasting professional advice and the highest quality in service. “Since I first entered into consultancy, an awful lot has changed. In particular, legal obligations have increased significantly and these present us and our clients with massive challenges,” Martin Hotter reports. As such, Hotter and Partner has developed themselves to be a well- recognised strategic partner and trusted advisor for clients. The team are dedicated and personally invested in supporting the business of each client, providing efficient and effective service that allows clients to focus on the bigger picture. These services can be concisely broken down into two principal areas; first is operational tax advisory services, which includes current financial accounting including short-term income statement, ongoing payroll accounting including all social reports, preparation of annual accounts for companies of all legal forms, reporting according to individual needs and needs of the companies, and much more besides. Hotter and Partner’s strategic tax consulting services are focused on tax planning and cover tax-optimized conversion and restructuring of companies, legal form selection and tax burden comparison, tax-optimized corporate and asset succession, consultancy relating to business acquisition and sales, international tax advice and tax- optimal design of wills, and of contracts and facts. B Sep20871 Alongside the more challenging developments facing SMEs comes exciting opportunities for these businesses too, as internationalisation becomes an integral element for even domestic enterprises who principally operate in local spheres, but particularly for those who work in international export markets. Hotter and Partner is similarly expanding, with a focus on growing into the international sphere through continual efforts to extend their strategic network with partners on site. This growing, professional and engaged network is an exciting asset for Hotter and Partner, and one that allows enables the team to advice clients on cross-border business activities, within and abroad the EU. As businesses and economies continue to evolve, so too will the agile team at Hotter and Partner, who remain versatile and adaptable in order to support their clients and their growing enterprises. Contact: Martin Hotter Company: Hotter & Partner Web Address: www.hotter-partner.at Leading Taxation Consultancy and Financial Advisory of the Yea , Austria