Leading Adviser Awards 2020

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2020 21 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 1 1 39 Sep201077 ased in Indianapolis, Indiana, David Taylor has built a reputation as an attorney with a vast amount of litigation experience in state and federal courts in a variety of civil litigation matters. A proud graduate of Indiana University School of Law, he spent his student years as a leader in student government and a research and writing assistant to Professor Debra K. Falender. It was while clerking for Hamilton County, Indiana Judges Donald Foulke, Jerry Barr and Judith Proffitt that he discovered his passion for justice, however. It was a start that has led to thirty years of successful practice, covering first party insurance coverage as well as third party liability defense litigation. Working in the field of insurance means that Mr. Taylor has covered a range of different areas, including involves property, casualty, general commercial liability, general liability and of course the environment, for which he is being celebrated. Mr. Taylor’s technique is one that is dedicated to strategically representing clients with passionate and cost-effective advocacy. Alongside his business partner, Misti Presnell DeVore, he has built a firm and career that has been able to thrive even in the most difficult of circumstances. The team of attorneys that has been put together possess the expertise of a large law firm, while bringing all of the benefits that a smaller organization boasts. This means that when clients turn to Taylor DeVore P.C., they find an approach that is personal, responsive and incredibly cost-effective because the team understand intimately your needs and requirements. Taylor DeVore P.C. covers every aspect of litigation, ranging from the pre-litigation strategy to the appeals process. Mr. Taylor plays a crucial role throughout, offering his wisdom and expertise to ensure that the right conclusion is reached for his clients. Throughout every stage, the team are on hand to offer the guidance, support, and experience necessary to navigate the most complex of legal situations. While insurance is a major part of his work, Mr. Taylor also offers service to clients in the form of commercial and business litigation. This has allowed him to represent the needs of non-profit organizations, general business and corporate law, as well as professional athletes. This work has proven invaluable to the firm, and led to his certification as a player agent by The Major League Baseball Players Association in 1998. The expertise with which Mr. Taylor enters every case is shown most clearly by his license to practice law across the various courts of Indiana. No matter where his client’s cases go, he is able to follow with ease. Over the years, he has taken cases to the Indiana State Courts, the United States District Courts for the Northern District and Southern District of Indiana, and the United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit, achieving astonishing results in each. The work that Mr. Taylor does is vital to many, ensuring closure at a difficult time. When it comes to insurance litigation, there is none finer. B Insurance is not an easy world in which to work, with difficult decisions being made that must strike the right balance. David Taylor, of Taylor DeVore P.C. takes a stance that helps to resolve insurance coverage disputes on some of the most challenging cases. We take a closer look at his efforts and career as he is named Leading Environmental Litigation Attorney of the Year, Indiana in Acquisition International’s Leading Advisor awards. Securing Insurance Solutions Company: Taylor DeVore P.C. Contact: David Taylor Web Address: www.taylorlitigation.com This means that when clients turn to Taylor DeVore P.C., they find an approach that is personal, responsive and incredibly cost- effective because the team understand intimately your needs and requirements. L ading Environmental Li gation Attorney of the Year, Indiana