Leading Adviser Awards 2020

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2020 155 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 10 2020 33 Sep20539 ased in Jordan and operating out of the capital, Amman, Qudah Law Firm has gained an exceptional reputation for handling the intricacies of international and domestic corporate and commercial law. In this complex, but high demand, field, few can match the team’s impressive skill. At the heart of the company are three essential values, fundamental to achieving, providing and maintaining the highest standard of legal services. In turn, the three principles are putting the client’s interests first, ensuring that the firm’s integrity is always uncompromised and recognizing at every stage that the team are providing a service to clients. By putting these three factors first and foremost, Qudah Law Firm has been able to deliver its award-winning service. What combines all three of these values, and sets Qudah Law Firm apart, is its commitment to the client. The team understand that their job is to identify, understand and manage the legal risks facing our clients, to protect their interests, and to enhance their competitiveness. The firm advocates a proactive approach that ensures that they are always one step ahead of the competition. This is the key that ensures that they provide a valuable service to all. As a firm that operates internationally, Qudah Law Firm faces the challenges of crossing borders and adapting to different cultures. For clients who are new to operating in Jordan, a team of lawyers with intimate knowledge of local laws, traditions and language is always on hand. They also bring with them a wealth of knowledge on other Middle East jurisdictions easing the difficulties that might arise. The team have solid experience in representing clients from many different regions, including Jordan, the Middle East, Europe and North America. One of the reasons that so many people want to employ the services of Qudah Law Firm is because the team at this law firm understand business. Following the proactive approach, they endeavor to shape, corporate, commercial, and industry trends. Many of the team have served as executives of substantial businesses, giving clients a distinct advantage in two respects. Firstly, the team understand what challenges industry and business in the region. Their targeting, therefore, is much more focused on what can be changed. This allows the team to develop more creative solutions while saving time and money. Secondly, the team understand the needs of business in terms of results. A top-quality service must be supplied, but at a reasonable cost. The team at Qudah Law Firm employ the same techniques and strategies of other businesses to ensure they are operating to the same high standards. B When looking for a leading law firm offering services in Jordan, Qudah Law Firm LLP are the best place to turn to. The team lead the way and have been recognized as Leading M&A and Corporate Restructuring Transactions Law Firm of the Year 2020, Jordan in the Leading Adviser Awards 2020. We take a closer look at the team in the light of their success, in order to discover what sets them apart from the competition. Leading Law Firm Secure Success Looking forward, Qudah Law Firm intends to upgrade its technological resources in order to improve the team’s ability to respond to client needs. This is an ongoing effort, and has been rewarded by continued custom from satisfied clients. Many law firms offer a unique service, but few can claim the level of success that the team at Qudah Law Firm have reached. The team have created an operation that runs like the slickest business, allowing the team to thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace. Company: Qudah Law Firm LLP Name: Mohammad Mufleh El-Qudah Web Address: www.qudahlawfirm.com The team have solid experience in representing clients from many different regions, including Jordan, the Middle East, Europe and North America. Leading M&A and Corporate R structuring Transactions Law Firm of the Year 2020, Jordan