Leading Adviser Awards 2020

14 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2020 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2020 27 Creating Heroes Situated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Yolofsky Law provides services in Estate Planning, Corporate Law, Business Succession and Negotiation. The firm’s goal is to help clients make the best decisions possible regarding legal matters, offering superior legal advice which gives peace of mind to business owners and professionals. We decided to find out more about this forward-thinking law firm that boasts professionalism and empathy, and their mission to make their clients heroes to their family and business. olofsky Law is legal firm specializing in Estate Planning, Corporate Law, as well as Business Succession and Negotiation, that practices with a forward-thinking, empathetic approach designed to alleviate the stresses of clients, whether they are individual professionals or small business owners. The firm was created with needs of growing families and businesses in mind, to help estate planning clients know that their families will be cared for after they are gone and small business owners focus on the bigger picture of evolving their enterprise, without getting stuck on legal dilemmas. Yolofsky Law therefore uses estate planning tools to deal with wealth that is usually tied up in the equity of a business to ensure that the clients’ assets and legacy are efficiently passed onto their heirs. In addition, the firm expertly guides their clients through all phases of their business’ lifecycle, from the initial start-up until the operations to exit. These two processes ensure that their business will continue to function, even if the owner becomes incapacitated or passes away. In order to achieve Yolofsky Law’s founding mission to be a law firm that provides peace of mind to business owners and professionals, the firm values honesty and transparency above all else. When dealing with strategy, tactics, billing and negotiation for the clients, the high level of service and expertise is delivered in accordance with these two key attributes, as well as empathy, responsibility, professionalism and education. Y Contact: Veronica Fabara Company: Yolofsky Law Web Address: www.yolofskylaw.com Oct20555 The result is a holistic approach to their specialized areas of law, going above and beyond the documents that usually represent the total end product of a case in estate planning and corporate law for competitors. Instead, Yolofsky Law gives the client a complete, well-researched view of how a document, an organization, a trust, or corporate bylaws will work for them, their team, and their family. Yolofsky Law recently added a special type of dispute resolution process to their services that does not depend on a court or arbitrator to reach a resolution, which was created based on the firm’s belief in the power to obtain best results through negotiation by the parties. The Yolofsky Law team regularly trains with world-class experts on high stakes negotiation and aims to resolve the client’s dispute or reach deal closing within ninety days of engagement. As a result of this dispute resolution service, one client saw a reduction of their seven- figure debt by seventy-five percent, and a five-hundred percent return on their investment by working with Yolofsky Law, whilst another obtained a twenty percent price decrease for commercial property and reduction of the down payment amount by half, obtaining over a thousand percent return on their investment. Serving a broad spectrum of clients, from physicians to manufacturers, restauranteurs to consultants, and regular recipients of referrals from esteemed attorneys, financial advisors and more, the Yolofsky Law team culture is experienced and versatile. A group of life-long learners who are continually seeking to expand and develop their expertise so as to best serve their clients, the team is regularly empowered to make their own decisions, as well as their own mistakes with the knowledge it is a vital element of learning. In addition, the Yolofsky Law management team leads by example, encouraging their colleagues to read and divulge their interests in their specialisms in law and beyond. Key to the success of Yolofsky Law is therefore education, a premise which also extends to their clients. Many legal issues could be dealt with by people for themselves, saving them money and time, so the firm looks to educate its clients and assist where needed, rather than blindly guiding them towards a resolution they don’t really understand. The legal industry is experiencing a lot of change, particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are no longer any limits on the choice of law firm for clients, as they seek services best suited to them from all over the world who they can contact through online platforms, rather than the firm that is closest to them. This is a huge opportunity for Yolofsky Law, who already serve clients across the globe. Now, they are ready to expand their services and reach as they continue to gratefully serve the clients and colleagues who entrust them with their most sensitive and challenging matters. Leading Estate Planning and Business Succession Attorney of the Year, Florida