Leading Adviser Awards 2020

124 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2020 Leading Tax Disputes Law Firm of the Year, Indonesia 46 Acquisit on International - Issue 1 2021 Oct20219 Treating Tax with Terrific Service The field of taxation law is one that requires great specialization and understanding, and expert knowledge can go a long way to helping any client get the right solution to their tax matters. Mul & Co is one of a handful of law firms in Indonesia to specialize in the field of taxation, so much so that it has been granted the award title of Leading Tax Disputes Law Firm of the Year, Indonesia. Join us as we find out what makes Mul & Co a truly outstanding firm and why it deserves to achieve the recognition it has. ul & Co was founded by a group of experienced lawyers and practitioners that bring multi-disciplinary backgrounds in taxation, law, accounting, and finance. Together, this group of exceptional practitioners believe that their success depends upon the clients’ satisfaction, and therefore always strive to provide their clients with the best possible solution to their taxation issues and matters, whatever they may be. As a business, Mul & Co brings a deep and critical understanding of Indonesia’ unique and rich business and legal culture to provide taxation services that are of the highest quality and calibre. The firm is also staffed by dedicated professionals that themselves bring a unique understanding and application of taxation law regulations and business culture. Mul & Co acts as an independent firm, ensuring that it is free from the lengthy conflict checks process, which can often be time-consuming and frustrating for all involved. There are a great many core areas in which Mul & Co can assist its clients, including tax civil review, tax appeals and lawsuits, tax objections, tax audits, tax refunds, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, tax due diligence, tax advisory services, and tax compliance services. Each of these service areas encompasses something different that Mul & Co can help with, and understanding each of them requires no small amount of knowledge and expertise. For instance, tax civil review work focuses on a case when the taxpayer receives an unfavourable appeal or lawsuit decisions from the tax court. Mul & Co can step in and assist in filing Civil Review Petitions to the Supreme Court for reconsideration. However, some of the more common instances include the audits, refunds, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, due diligence, advisory, and compliance services. During tax audits, Mul & Co is available for a private consultation, and the firm can also assist the taxpayers in handling their tax audits properly. The firm can discuss and explain the taxpayer’s stance with reasonable legal and technical arguments, along with relevant supporting documents to the auditors. In case of an overpayment and the taxpayer has filed for a restitution, Mul & Co can represent, provide advice, and assist the taxpayers to prepare necessary documents for the auditors and State Treasury. On a corporate level, taxpayers may need to undertake some form of corporate restructuring in order to minimize exposures, maximize tax savings, and comply fully with the prevailing tax and legal regulations. In these ventures, efficient and early tax planning can add value in a transaction by reducing both actual transaction tax costs, and long- term sustainable tax rates. Business taxes are another thing entirely, and Mul & Co understands this too. The taxpayers may need to M identify the tax implications for particular transactions or business models, and identify areas of weakness that may cause a loss of opportunity, or may lead to expensive and time-consuming disputes with the tax authorities. Finally, advisory and compliance services are almost imperative for those that want to get the best possible advice and ensure that they are fully compliant with any taxation regulation laws that may affect them. Mul & Co knows that the taxpayer may often seek to understand the potential tax implications, prior to executing certain commercial transactions to mitigate taxation risks and avoid future administrative sanctions. The firm can assists the taxpayer in identifying the best possible and workable tax advice and solution, and seek ways to implement the optimum tax solutions and alternatives. Ultimately, Mul & Co understands exactly what the client needs in their every taxation need and want. Whether it be for business needs, personal needs, or corporate needs, Mul & Co can help taxpayers in their every need. In everything that the firm does compliance is key. Maintaining full compliance can help to ensure that the client does not have to go through the taxation processes more times than they have to, and can benefit from the knowledge that Mul & Co has. Company: Mul & Co Contact: Mulyono Mulyono Website: www.mul-co.com