Leading Adviser Awards 2020

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2020 115 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 1 2020 23 Ground-Breaking Approach To Legal Services service. Indeed, until this year, Steele Rose has had no marketing budgets since it first opened its doors, surviving and thriving on word of mouth alone. The campaigns that have now been put in place are enhancing the exponential rate of growth that Steele Rose has experienced over the last few months. In a saturated and competitive market such as Steele Rose’s, it is vital to demonstrate the competitive edge of an organisation and as such, the firm is using new marketing to demonstrate its forward- thinking approach to an established sector. Steele Rose is challenging the norm of the market so as to deliver on their promise to offer the best, most up to date legal services to their clients. This forward-thinking approach is also equipping Steele Rose with insights needed to educate the market and their clients. Whilst this is often a time-consuming process and has, at times, cost the firm business over the years, their market-leading approach to legal matters within Estates Administration is what will drive the firm to continued success for many years to come. Working with their loyal clientele of individuals, businesses and charitable organisations, Steele Rose’s vital and ground-breaking approach to legal services is a breath of fresh air in a traditional, Dickensian industry. Contact: Dean Steele Web Address: www.steelerose.co.uk