Leading Adviser Awards 2020

110 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2020 0 Acquisit on International - Issue 12 2020 known and understood by all, with the power to transform work practices to engender the best workspaces for businesses and its employees. Indeed, Sphere RHSM fundamentally aims to change attitudes and perceptions of H&S across all sectors of business by providing them with top quality, cost-effective risk and safety advice, services and bespoke solutions. In order to do this most effectively, Team Sphere establishes strong relationships with their clients, dealing with them in a friendly, personable manner that clearly outlines what each partymust do to achieve the best possible outcome. Pricing is clear, taking into account Sphere RHSM’s well-informed calculations of costs, both of not complying with Team Sphere’s advice and of implementing their advice. Through transparency and communication, Sphere RHSM is able to generate healthy working relationships that cultivate healthy working environments. This begins with the internal culture of Team Sphere itself. Open and inclusive, patient and educational, supportive and collaborative, friendly and professional, and engaged and conscientious are just some of the adjectives applied to this culture. Fundamental to its success, however, is the fact that work is not a chore for Team Sphere, who are more like a family than a group of colleagues. Each member of staff is vital to the company and are regularly reminded of their importance as directors of their customers’ satisfaction. When employing new members to the team, it is through a rigorous, five- step process that ensures new talent will be conducive to the ambition and supportive environment that has been cultivated at Sphere RHSM over the past two decades. As Team Sphere looks ahead to the decades to come, they are continuing to explore how they can deliver gold-star packages at bronze package prices to their clients, whilst seeking to expand their services and clientele. In particular, Sphere RHSM is looking to break into specific areas where web-based, impersonal H&S companies dominate, considering how they can bring their more personal approach to H&S to more companies in new and exciting sectors. Contact: Stephen Smith Company: Sphere Risk Health & Safety Management Ltd Web Address: www.sphererhsm.co.uk n award-winning company, Sphere Risk Health and Safety Management (Sphere RHSM) was created to offer cost- effective health and safety outsourcing services, and today works with clients to provide health and safety consultancy and H&S training services designed to make workplaces safer. Through responsible and realistic H&S advice which is based on business risk and is easy to understand and implement, TeamSphere’s consultants work with their clients to protect their people, their assets and their reputation. The commercially pragmatic approach taken by Sphere RHSM towards H&S consultancy enables their clients to have confidence in their compliance to regulations which in turn facilitates the building of sustainable businesses that can enjoy longevity and stability for both the business and its employees. These clients are part of a portfolio which spans a variety of sectors across the UK and Europe, including accountants, designers, plumbers, electricians, printers, engineers and builders. Regardless of their field, each client’s specific industry risk is identified and analysed by Team Sphere, and Sphere RHSM’s comprehensive selection of services enable the firm to tailor their solutions to each client and their needs. Incorporating the knowledge and experience from twenty years of operation, combined with collaboration with the HSE and claims management organisations, Sphere RHSM is able to offer its clients informed, qualified insights presented in cohesion with the firm’s commercial awareness to deliver the ideal outcome for their client. Team Sphere’s unparalleled expertise is instrumental in helping their clients achieve the necessary accreditations, such as CHAS, SMAS, Safe Contractor, Achilles, Construction line and Acclaim, which will ensure a safe working environment that reduces regulatory and reputational risk. Client-focused providers of honest, sound advice H&S advice that delivers long-term business value through training designed to suit their clients, Sphere RHSM has a vision to create safe and healthy workplaces. In this vision, health and safety is built into every process, A Sphere Risk Health and Safety Management is a Peterborough-based team of health and safety consultants specialising in the provision of H&S and training services to make workplaces safer. Team Sphere works with their clients to protect their people, their assets and their reputation, whilst helping them to build a sustainable future for their business. Creating Safer Working Environments Nov20501 Through transparency and communication, Sphere RHSM is able to generate healthy working relationships that cultivate healthy working environments. Leading Risk Health and Safety M nagement Consultancy Firm of the Year, United Kingdom