2019 Influential Businesswoman Awards

24 Acquisition International - 2019 Influential Businesswomen Awards Today, for New Business Venture Fund, she works to strengthen and develop the Icelandic venture capital market by guiding young companies through the various stages of their evolution and growth. As a leader in the start-up ecosystem, Huld is experienced and driven. She discusses how she has seen the business environment change over the years and how much easier it now is for women to make a name for themselves as she has. “For over 25 years, I have worked in both the private and public sector. My previous experiences have prepared me for my current role in venture capital because I have worked for a start-up company that grew to a large global publicly listed company. The journey was a tremendous opportunity to grow and learn. I am fortunate to be able to present those learnings to others in the start-up eco system. “Over the past quarter of a century, I have seen more women enter the business environment as professionals in many fields. The difference I see between the private sector and public sector is that more women are executives in the public field, but female executives are few and far between in the private sector. Despite this, there remain challenges for women in this market, but I am proud to have overcome them and work with women to help them to succeed. The Nordic regions currently lead the way in terms of equality, and I am proud to be a part of this legacy.” Looking to the future, New Business Venture Fund is keen to build upon the current success of its fund. Huld believes that it will thrive with new investments and new opportunities in years to come and is excited for its future and her own, as she proudly concludes. “Overall, in my career I have come to a point where what I do, has to have meaning and purpose, and I have to enjoy it. Being able to utilize my skills to the fullest of my abilities and continue to grow and learn is something I take great pride in and will remain my ongoing focus as I and the New Business Venture Fund look forward to bright futures.” Based in Reykjavik, New Business Venture Fund is a state-owned evergreen investment fund intended to strengthen and develop the Icelandic venture capital market along with promoting start-ups and business in Iceland thus encouraging economic growth CEO Huld Magnusdottir talks us through her role in driving the fund to success. Most Influential Woman in Venture Capital Investments - Nordic Region & Best Evergreen Investment Fund 2019 ew Business Venture Fund invests at seed and early stage in promising growth companies with great business ideas and strong management and development teams. The fund maintains a portfolio comprising of twenty-five companies and investments in several other funds. Additionally, this financial instrument offers more than funding: the fund usually takes board seats in companies it invests in, and actively participates in business decisions, whether they are about product development or business strategy. Before taking over as CEO in early 2017, Huld Magnúsdóttir was the director general of Iceland's National Institute for the Blind and acting director general of the Social Insurance Administration, and held several executive positions in the private sector both in Iceland and the United States with global orthopaedics company Ossur. N Company: New Business Venture Fund Name: Huld Magnusdottir Address: Kringlan 7, 103 Reykjavik, Iceland Telephone Number: +3548609494 Web Address: www.nyskopun.is

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