2019 Global CFO Excellence Awards

8 Acquisition International - 2019 Global CFO Excellence Awards Katapult Group is a private investment company focusing on high impact sectors such as environmental and societal sectors. We profile the group and CFO Hanne Ek to learn more about her role in the firm’s success so far. Katapult Group rawing on its vast industry experience, Katapult Group, support and teach impact tech startups or projects, that strive to solve the world’s most pressing problems through the use of exponential technologies. This technology includes Artificial Intelligence, VR, blockchain and IoT, among many others. As part of its core focus Katapult Group utilises its resources, network and capabilities to develop healthy companies generating sustainable values for clients, employees, society and owners. Technology is the pinnacle in an exponential shift from scarcity to abundance. The group’s senior team firmly believe that unless society puts human interests first then it is at risk of systems and technology defining the future. As such, the group works tirelessly to combine human interest with technology to ensure that the future gets the balance just right. Complimenting this is the group’s belief that the current global (and old) educational model will be disrupted as a result of the accelerating development of new technologies, speed of learning and continuously change. Katapult Group firmly believe that humans need new foundations and ways of thinking; they need lifelong learning and new skills to be contributively and thriving. Aside from teaching people new skills and mindsets for future jobs, the group’s main belief is centred around the idea that “Everyone a Changemaker”, giving people the skills empathy, creativity, collaboration and growth mindset. As a result of this belief, education is one of the firm’s most important focus areas, and alongside its investment arm it also offers education across edtech investments, co-developing new learning programs and initiatives. D CFO Hanne Ek has vast industry experience which she draws on when supporting Katapult Group. She has been in her current role for just over a year, and previously she was CFO for computer software firm Advania AX. She has also held other roles in prominent firms such as international financial giant Citibank. Thanks to this varied experience Hanne is able to drive herself and her team at Katapult Group to success. Working diligently, she is able to support the firm and ensure that it achieves its aims. Goal orientated, she is keen to take on projects that will support her team and the group itself to flourish and strive towards a sustainable future for all. Over the years the group has, as part of its future focused strategy, invested in and supported a wide range of businesses, including Katapult Accelerator, Katapult Ocean, Katapult Future Fest, and Katapult Fund. Looking ahead it will continue to welcome new firms to the Katapult Group family and drive the global technology market forward. Ultimately, Katapult Group is focused on building a thriving and positive future for humanity. This vision will drive both the group and Hanne as they both look towards exciting and opportunity filled futures. Company: Katapult Group Contact: Hanne Ek Website: https://www.katapult.world/ Impact Investing CFO of the Year 2019 - Scandinavia

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