2019 Global CFO Excellence Awards

4 Acquisition International - 2019 Global CFO Excellence Awards Part of Adven Group, Adven Eesti AS is one of the leading providers of energy services in Estonia, with more than 80 specialists providing district heating, gas distribution services and local heating and cooling solutions. To celebrate his success in this year’s Global CFO Awards we invited Chief Financial Officer Tiit Hõbejõgi to share an insight into how he has helped drive his firm to success. Adven Eesti AS rawing on its vast industry experience, Adven is the leading provider of energy and water services across the Nordic and Baltic countries. For industries Adven produces industrial steam, heat and cold as well as provides utility and processing solutions to improve energy, water and material efficiency. Additionally, the group supports the real estate segment for which it produces heating and cooling based on district heating or property- specific solutions applying for instance bio- and geo-energy. This business model is based on full service and long-term partnership. Tiit who has a PhD in Power engineering and an MBA degree, explores his role in helping the firm achieve this incredible global presence. “Personally, I am the CFO of Adven Group companies in the Baltic region, where I have the responsibility for finance, IT and automation departments. In addition to everyday finance questions, my current focus is on supporting growth (both organic and M&As) and taking our IT to the next level. We completed 5 M&A deals in 2018 and I led the integration of our new Latvian business unit to Adven Group.” These acquisitions and developments are helping Adven to drive the energy industry towards greater sustainability, something Tiit is particularly passionate about, as he highlights. “Being part of D making the world a better place thanks to those changes is what drives me and being in the finance function allows me to be in the centre of these developments.” Ultimately, Tiit is committed to work hard in order to ensure that Adven continues to grow by providing advantage in energy for people, companies and planet. Tiit believes that the company is successful when it focuses on its core business and offers its customers the best possible solutions. “Adven business model Energy as a service starts from holistical understanding of the customers situation, in depth concept designing, construction and financing of the project and in the end operating, maintaining and developing the energy production throughout the lifecycle. Meanwhile, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations. Whether it’s reducing the water or carbon footprint or microplastics, we are working together towards a better and more environmentally friendly future. Partnership with Adven means sustainability in the terms of both ecological energy solutions but also sustainability in terms of tight and long-term cooperation and stable price for the customer.” Company: Adven Eesti AS Contact: Tiit Hõbejõgi Website: https://www.adven.com Energy Solutions Finance Director of the Year 2019 – Europe

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