Leading Adviser 2019

78 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 Nov19266 1 Issue 1 2020 First-Class Financial Advice For many companies, focusing on core competencies can provide infinitely more value than other time- consuming tasks. Since the company’s founding in 1987, Moore Rhein-Ruhr GmbH has been offering a complete suite of finance, tax, and business-focused consulting services. As part of Acquisition International’s Leading Advisers, we look at why this firm are Germany’s leading fiscal due-diligence audits advisory of 2019. ith more than thirty years’ experience helping companies with financial services, Moore Rhein-Ruhr is enabling German firms to focus on what truly matters to their businesses. By employing a team of auditors, lawyers, and tax consultants with considerable experience, the firm covers a wide spectrum of financial knowledge, and a breadth of services. Professionally partnered with MGK Partner, the firm offers a portfolio of statutory audits, business opinions, and company valuations as well as a myriad of other audit- focused tasks. Supporting tax, legal, and financial due diligence can take a number of different forms, all of which the team at Moore Rhein-Ruhr are poised to offer. From tax restructuring and drafting relevant contracts, to setting up transfer pricing documentation and preparing annual financial statements, the team can help any client with their fiscal needs. As well as financial and audit services, the team can also help clients digitalise through specialist IT and GDPR consulting. W However, one of the firm’s primary offerings is the wealth of auditing services. All of Moore Rhein-Ruhr’s auditing and consultancy services regarding annual financial performances can be applied to small, medium, and large capital corporations in accordance with international accounting standards. Bringing together the expertise of the staff team with new technology, each client gets the most reliable financial data available. As part of the data finding process, Moore Rhein-Ruhr also ensures that any potential risks which might impact a client in key ways are identified at the earliest possible stage. That way, each client has the opportunity to begin making important decisions at the right time. Moore Rhein-Ruhr is an independent member of Moore Global’s network of owner-operated auditing, tax and consultancy firms. Comprised of more than 260 leading firms and 30,000 employees across more than 600 cities in 110 countries, any one of Moore Global’s firms would be the ideal partner for small and medium- sized clients in need of financial services. But for the team at Moore Rhein-Ruhr, the ambition goes a little higher. Whilst serving medium- sized clients at a national level, the firm also works with international companies, approaching them through local and global networks, event participation, and business-led presentations. Regardless of client size, Moore Rhein-Ruhr is renowned for understanding the goals and needs of its clients in pursuit of financial excellence. In order to ensure that every single client can create strategic business value from their interaction with the company, the team focus on creating plans and processes that run smoothly from the beginning of any work taking place. All of the staff are encouraged to work in an open and trusting environment where individual development and support through training is of the utmost importance. Strong client relationships are founded on mutual trust, and from there, Moore Rhein-Ruhr’s professionals bring the financial know-how and expertise to develop tailored solutions and carry out conclusive assessments. The ability to provide good advice is not simply down to having specialist knowledge however, but is also based on a keen understanding of a clients mindset. By being open and honest with one another, both client and staff can work together in pursuit of financial insight for company growth. Ultimately, making sure that finances are in order is vitally important for any business to continue succeeding. It is no wonder therefore that Moore Rhein-Ruhr has duly been recognised as Germany’s Leading Fiscal Due-Diligence Audits Advisory of the Year for 2019. As the world heads into a new decade of promise and opportunity, existing clients of the firm can rest assured that its services are set to keep improving and getting better. Company: Moore Rhein-Ruhr GmbH Contact: Carol Hasselmans Website: www.moore-rhein-ruhr.de/en/ Leading Fi cal Due-Diligen Audits Advisory of the Year, Germany

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