Leading Adviser 2019

74 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 Oct19268 36 Issue 11 2019 Labor vangard When it comes to the arena of labor and employment law, you need a firm that’s on your side to ensure the best result for all concerned. Offering a solution that will always fit the client, even if it is not strictly standard, vangard are ready and available to heed the call and help as soon as possible. Contact: Julia Sorger Company: vangard Website: www.vangard.de Telephone: 0049 211 13 065 60 s a leading law firm, specialising in labor and employment laws, vangard has plenty to offer to potential clients. With over 50 lawyers spread across Germany, in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main and Munich, you are never far away from your employment solution. Now part of Littler, the largest global employment and labor law practice with more than 1,500 attorneys in over 80 offices worldwide, there is a huge pool of resources that can be pulled from to ensure that every case handled is a veritable success. Most vangard clients are employers, with their skills utilised across the board. Since their inception, vangard has assisted everything from innovative start-ups to medium-sized companies to large corporations, both on a national and international level. This has put the firm in excellent stead to offer a range of services as extensive as employment law itself. Advice to companies and brands can range from individual to collective labor law, comprising restructuring, change management, compliance and corporate social responsibility. This very specific focus means that cases are handled more efficiently than other firms, thanks to the expertise in the field. Where a standard solution does not work, a customized one will be used. Throughout the process, vangard remains an answerable body, even during implementation. This is an incredible level of liability that only a confident law firm would accept. Furthermore, vangard being a part of Littler means that they are able to cover the rest of the world with their partner firms. Being under the Littler brand means there is a consistent quality standard, enabling perfectly tuned international teams to be formed of high-caliber experts as the situation demands. As such, vangard staff work in close collaboration with their colleagues in offices around the globe on a daily basis, understanding both the big picture and detailed nuances of global workforce challenges, and the need for consistent, high-quality legal service across borders. Moving forward, vangard is continuing to expand. This growth has the potential to be exponential, with the newly built Frankfurt am Main office already staffed by an incredibly competent team. The firm’s other four offices have also grown significantly with new partners and associates. Two new partners were announced from within the firm’s own ranks during vangard’s fifth year, making four partners developed from inside the firm. Similarly, vangard has secured highly sought-after talent from other major firms. Gaining four associates in Hamburg, six associates in Düsseldorf, two associates in Berlin, and two in Munich, vangard has been able to rigorously pursue its strategy of strengthening its national presence in Germany. Currently, there are more than 50 employment law experts in Germany. This is reflected by the Littler Europe expansion which is placing a number of experts in European law across various countries in the continent. A Already employing 320 professionals across Europe, there is the potential for more expansion in Spain, Austria and Poland to the tune of 50 more lawyers. The continental cooperation is established and intensive, with phone calls to communicate ideas between countries and to establish what each part of the company wants. The same applies at a national level too. Over the Atlantic Ocean, Littler US is a leader for the development of legal tech solutions for the American market and its clients. They have received distinctions on multiple occasions for this and the plan is currently to ensure these solutions will be made compatible with the European market as well. It’s no surprise that a company so focused on one goal will be good at it, but vangard have changed their focus into a tremendous success. With their expansion nationally and as part of an international movement, it seems like there is very little to hold them back. From here, the only way is up. “...understanding both the big picture and detailed nuances of global workforce challenges, and the need for consistent, high-quality legal service across borders.” eading Specialist Employment Lawyer of the Year, Germany

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