Leading Adviser 2019

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 73 Sep19190 Acquisition International - Issue 12 45 For 15 years, PAX Corporate Finance has been supporting and advising companies and their shareholders in the context of their fundraising, acquisitions and transmissions operations. Having recently been recognised as the Leading Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist IT Consultancy of the Year, France, we profiled the firm and caught up with Marie-Laure Falcoz who revealed more about the award-winning company. Built On Tradition and Integrity ince their inception, PAX Corporate Finance have been supporting entrepreneurs throughout the phases of their company’s development by using their vast range of financial consulting services. Today, the firm approach to working with clients is guided by a number of underlying principles. These include their belief in establishing long-term relationships, which allow for a clear understanding of their clients’ strategies. The firm also follow a client partnership approach with repeat business. Delivering tailor-made solutions for issues or creating value, PAX Corporate Finance’s business is based on the long-term client relationships, which is why they do not depend on transactions. In addition to this, the firm’s advisory expertise is closely linked to deep knowledge in several focus sectors of their business. Providing the firm with the platform to deliver such a personalised service for each client that they work with, is the experienced, innovative and dedicated team which forms the backbone of PAX Corporate Finance. Striving to attract only the highest calibre of interns, graduates and experienced professionals, the firm seek ambitious and highly motivated candidates who are committed to bulge bracket professionalism combined with the creativity and entrepreneurship of a boutique merchant bank. When discussing the internal culture, Marie-Laure is keen to highlight the team have played over the years in the success of the firm. “Throughout the year, we offer students/pre-graduates the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the corporate finance industry during a six months internship with us, in order to recruit them. “Each one of our employees has solid expertise and extensive experience in deals. Supported by operational excellence in their areas of specialisation, our teams are perfectly positioned to meet their clients’ requirements.” Aiming to be the best mid-cap M&A, the team at PAX Corporate Finance want to help clients reach their goals through the design and execution of strategic M&A and financing solutions. Alongside this, the firm hope to proceed with negotiating the best terms for clients, as well as executing the toughest deals to completion, as Marie-Laure explains. “By using our independent position and deep market knowledge, we will advise our clients on all possible options at the earliest stage, on market performance, timing, business structure, and corporate governance matters. Then, we provide guidance throughout the equity process, creating competitive tension between book-running banks to obtain the best terms of execution.” S Overall, PAX Corporate Finance’s team of more than 20 associates have completed over an impressive 170 transactions throughout the years, which has rightfully placed the firm among the leading merchant banks in the market today. A position they wish to remain and expand on going forward. Managing Partner: Adrien Tourres Company: PAX Corporate Finance Address: 3 rue Troyon – 75017 Paris Telephone: 01 40 20 20 60 Contact Email: contact@pax.fr Web Address: www.pax.fr Leading Mergers a d Acquisitions Specialist IT Consultancy of the Year, France

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