Leading Adviser 2019

64 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 Oct19179 3 Issue 2 2020 ince being founded three decades ago in 1990, BOYANOV & Co. has grown to become one of the foremost legal firms across Europe, and the Balkans in particular. The last thirty years of delivering legal excellence have seen the firm accrue a clientele of over four thousand businesses and organisations, with approximately 80% from more than eighty-five countries worldwide. In that time, BOYANOV & Co. has also advised on numerous historic transactions across Bulgaria itself. Under the sagacious and effective leadership of founder and managing partner Mr Boyanov, BOYANOV & Co. continues to be a beacon of legal distinction. The firm’s extensive range of knowledge means clients are getting the absolute best that the industry has to offer. BOYANOV & Co. provides strong legal services in areas related to M&A, finance, restructuring, energy and natural resources, technology, trade, IP, real estate, and dispute resolution. Through its ten partners at the head of various specialised practice areas, the firm can put together strong, highly- skilled and interdisciplinary teams that can handle all manner of legal tasks. From major mergers to complex litigations, everything is done in a timely and cost-effective manner that gets results. A lot of the firm’s work involves advising large businesses or organisations, international financial institutions, and governments, both local and foreign. BOYANOV & Co. has always remained at the pinnacle of what the legal industry can offer, having been recognised as a market leader for the excellence of its integrated services. Drawing on years of experience in the international legal market, in- depth knowledge of local, continental, and international law, and the brilliance of individuals such as Mr Boyanov, the firm is set to remain a leader for years to come. Gaining membership to the Sofia Bar Association and Bulgarian Bar Association in 1984, Mr Boyanov has been delivering legal excellence for more than thirty-five years. Then, in 1989, he also gained membership to the International Bar Association and has not looked back since. Now delivering legal services to companies all over the world, Mr Boyanov has established himself as a lawyer that gets results for businesses looking to expand portfolios to South East Europe. Traditional and reliable in his ability to make sure every case receives only the best, Mr Boyanov is undoubtedly deserving his title as Leading Foreign Investment and M&A Lawyer of the Year 2020. Mr Boyanov himself boasts an incomparable knowledge of Eastern Europe and the Balkans region. Alongside being one of the most talented lawyers in the region, he is also a visionary for the legal sector there. In addition to delivering unmatched legal services, Mr Boyanov and the team at BOYANOV & Co. were also responsible for the creation of the South East Europe Legal Group, or SEE Legal. A unique collaborative effort of the leading national law firms across twelve countries, Mr Boyanov was, and still remains, instrumental in his leadership role as co-chair in helping establish the organisation as a one-stop-shop for the best legal advice the region has to offer. For Mr Boyanov, another reason behind his success is the team he has worked to build at the firm over the last thirty years. BOYANOV & Co. succeeds thanks to the tireless efforts of skilful lawyers, with decades of experience, knowledge, and contacts that draw in new clients all the time. Each is just as talented as the next, but under the resolute leadership of Mr Boyanov, the firm as a whole has succeeded greatly. Ultimately, the firm’s unwavering support for business in Bulgaria has made it a valued member of organisations too numerous to mention. Remaining such a successful and integral part of Eastern Europe’s legal industry is a testament to the hard work of the firm itself, and the knowledge of Mr Boyanov. As an outstanding lawyer and a great leader, Mr Boyanov has ensured that the firm’s thirtieth anniversary in 2020 will indeed be a happy one. However, crucially, it is also a stepping stone to even greater success that will surely come in the future. Contact: Elitsa Maneva Website: www.boyanov.com Brilliant Bulgarian Lawyer Builds Success Recognised as one of the most outstanding legal firms across the entirety of South East Europe, BOYANOV & Co. provides a broad range of services for companies all over the continent to take advantage of. At the heart of the firm is Borislav Boyanov, the Leading Foreign Investment and M&A Lawyer of the Year in Bulgaria. As the firm celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in 2020, we profile it and Mr Boyanov to learn more. S BOYANOV & Co. “Drawing on years of experience in the international legal market, in-depth knowledge of local, continental, and international law, and the brilliance of individuals such as Mr Boyanov, the firm is set to remain a leader for years to come.” Lead ng Foreign Investment and M&A Lawyer of the Y ar, Bulgaria

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