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56 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 Aug19220 34 Issue 10 2019 With more than three decades of experience, Williams Attorneys is one of America’s most elite personal injury law firms. Home to Texas’ leading personal injury litigator of the year, we take a closer look at the firm’s success and that of Justin Williams, one of 2019’s leading advisers. hen someone is injured physically and financially, it is important to have a determined and fast-moving legal team by their side, working tirelessly to gather evidence and put a case together. Williams Attorneys specialise in oil exploration and production injuries, as well as helping victims of defective products and negligent drivers amongst many others. Working in these areas, the firm strive to help injured persons receive the optimal medical care and full financial compensation they deserve. Oil and gas production and exploration is among America’s most high- risk occupations for workers, and Williams Attorneys dedicates the majority of its practice to helping those who are injured whilst on the job. Attorneys at the firm have a wealth of experience across almost every area of oil and gas injuries, including offshore explosions, oilfield truck accidents, and chemical plant disasters. Partnering with clients and their families, Williams Attorneys seek justice and compensation for physical injuries, loss of income, pain and suffering. Having previously worked on the defence side of similar cases, shareholder and lawyer Justin Williams employs his breadth of knowledge of oil and gas giants to help level the playing field for injured and vulnerable individuals. Following his graduation with a Doctor of Law degree from the University of Houston Law Centre, Justin went on to gain extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, representing clients such as Mobil, Chevron, Halliburton, and Western Atlas. Licensed in America’s two largest oil and gas producing states, Texas and North Dakota, this Texas-based lawyer is often recognised as one of the country’s top personal injury trial lawyers. Justin’s resume contains an almost $20 million verdict, as well as several multi-million-dollar settlements and verdicts for injured persons across a myriad of cases. Other significant cases include a $7 million settlement for a worker severely burned in a flash fire, $3.5 million for a worker suffering with severe burns and PTSD from an oil field explosion, and $1.5 million for a mother who lost her son at a gas processing plant. Defending those often unable to defend themselves, Justin’s work encapsulates the very best of humanity in aiding vulnerable individuals. His work has garnered him national coverage from the likes of PBS News, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Washington Post. Since then, Justin has teamed up with law school classmates Sean Williams, Ryan Williams and Nathan Clark at his firm Williams Attorneys. Established as a dynamic, young and aggressive firm, Justin and his team represent those in need of lawyers to stand up and fight for their rights, taking on the oil and gas giants across Texas and North Dakota, and beyond. Texas Injury Lawyer Delivers Justice W “...Ensuring that every client has a voice in their case, Justin and his team at Williams Attorneys continue to defend the innocent and do the right thing, marking him out as one of America’s best personal injury litigators.” Not only content to deliver incredible verdicts in the courtroom for injured clients, Justin also offers counselling services to other families. Having battled, and beaten, pancreatic cancer through surgery in 2008, Justin and his wife now spend time working with other cancer victims and their families when he isn’t fighting for injured persons in the courtroom. Defending the innocent and getting justice for those who deserve it, Justin’s success is down to his incredible work ethic and moral understanding of how the legal system should work. Ensuring that every client has a voice in their case, Justin and his team at Williams Attorneys continue to defend the innocent and do the right thing, marking him out as one of America’s best personal injury litigators. Company: Williams Attorneys PLLC Contact: Olivia Consol Website: www.williamstrial.com L ading Pe son l Injury Litigator of the Year, Texas

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