Leading Adviser 2019

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 47 Dec19398 54 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 Epitome of Legal Excellence For just shy of thirty years, The Lynch Law Firm has been providing the state of Texas with exceptional legal services in a wide variety of fields. Founded by Mr Jeffrey Lynch in May 1992, the firm has benefitted from having such a sage and savvy leader since its foundation. Now, Mr Lynch himself is the recipient of the firm’s latest award, having been named in this issue of Acquisition International as the Leading Business Attorney of the Year for Texas. We profiled the man to find out more after this latest win. ather than spend time navigating the mazy nature of the legal system, many businesses would rather be delivering their service or product with the excellence that they so often operate. Instead, during litigation and arbitration cases, businesses are forced to take their attention away from what should be their primary focus. However, that need not be the case anymore. Enter Mr Jeffrey Lynch, one of the finest business attorneys currently working in the state of Texas. Since founding his own law firm in 1992, Mr Lynch has helped clients with legal services in complex civil litigation, commercial litigation, oil & gas litigation, real estate, corporate planning, business mergers, and asset purchase transactions to name a few. In the firm’s near-thirty-year history, it has handled all kinds of lengthy and complex cases, from litigation against Getty Oil and Mitsubishi, to international product liability litigation, and mergers and acquisitions consultation for established companies across many industries. Overseeing all of these complex cases has been Mr Lynch, having been at the firm’s head since its beginning in 1992. An industry stalwart whose legal skill is matched only by his empathy towards clients, Mr Lynch has been involved in the legal industry since completing his jurisprudence degree at Dallas’ Southern Methodist University in 1975. Following his graduation from university, Mr Lynch then went to work as a partner at Vial, Hamilton, Koch & Knox for the next thirteen years. During his time there, he refined his ability to handle cases involving complex civil litigation, family law, personal injury, insurance defense, and corporate law. Then, in 1988, Mr Lynch moved on to Gardere & Wynne LLP as a partner where he enhanced his knowledge with criminal litigation. Finally, in 1992, The Lynch Law Firm was founded, giving Mr Lynch the chance to continue utilizing his legal skill for the good of his clients. With forty-five years of experience and practice in the application of law, Mr Lynch brings all the necessary expertise, broad knowledge, and legal skill to meet the needs of his clients. Despite primarily handling cases in the state of Texas, Mr Lynch and his firm have also handled matters of consequence for major companies and corporations, taking on cases for some of the biggest brand names across the United States, Europe and the wider world. Yet, despite the size and scope of Mr Lynch’s work, he has never once lost sight of the family businesses and individuals that also require help. Over the last forty-five years, Mr Lynch has accrued no small amount of experience both in and out of the courtroom. The extent of his trial experience includes more than three hundred cases tried and concluded to a jury verdict, forty-one cases tried to the Court without a R jury, and forty-seven appellate matters briefed and argued. Whatever the case, and whatever the stage of the proceedings, Mr Lynch’s knowledge and experience is invaluable to clients. However, the true strength of a leader lies in their ability to understand when they require assistance. Fully appreciative of the work of staff, Mr Lynch duly recognizes that the staff at The Lynch Law Firm is the backbone of the firm’s long-term success. Interacting with clients and supporting lawyers to meet client needs efficiently, staff are integral to the success of both the firm, and Mr Lynch himself. Ultimately, Mr Lynch’s success is not down to one factor, or one case. This steadfast industry veteran has cultivated a reputation for delivering excellence to every client that comes his way. Understanding each case is unique, Mr Lynch remains as diligent and determined as ever in his pursuit of justice for his discerning clientele. Company: The Lynch Law Firm Contact: Jeffrey S. Lynch Web Address: www.lynchlawfirm.law Leading Business Attorney of the Year, Texas

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