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42 Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 Dec19265 8 Issue 2 2020 Admirable Administrative Attorney The tangled maze of administrative law is one which is notoriously difficult to navigate. A wrong turn can lead to errors on local, state or even federal levels. Fortunately, Ryan Kroll, a partner at Solomon Saltsman and Jamieson, is ideally positioned to provide the guidance you need. Named in Acquisition International as Leading Administrative Attorney of the Year, Oregon, we took a close look at Kroll and his firm to find out more. olomon, Saltsman and Jamieson has the unenviable task of handling some of the most challenging legal areas on the market. The firm specializes in the fields of administrative law, litigation, personal injury, employment, business litigation, gaming, and land use. For more than forty-five years, the talented team has represented clients from individuals to Fortune 100 multinationals, so it is not a surprise that this firm is in constant demand for its legal expertise and knowhow. Ryan Kroll is now a partner at Solomon, Saltsman and Jamieson, but began his legal career properly when admitted to the California Bar Association. This was followed by eventual admission to the bar in Washington and Oregon. Kroll is proud to have graduated magna cum laude from the University of Florida Levin College of Law. Broadening the knowledge and skills he is able to offer to a client; Kroll has earned a Master of Accounting degree and was licensed in Florida as a certified Public Accountant. Leading the way in the field of administrative law, Kroll represents clients in a variety of different courts, commissions and tribunals. The importance of getting the correct permit or defending a professional license is indescribable, and Kroll and his team guarantee to work hard to protect their clients’ rights and livelihoods. Licensed to practice law across the three states of California, Washington and Oregon, Kroll has logged hundreds of hours in civil trials and administrative hearings, having the fortune to represent both plaintiffs and defendants in many different types of cases. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a wrongful death case, a business dispute or even employment matters, Kroll is the ideal attorney for whatever is required. Of course, while an expert in the general field of administrative law, it is in the area of defending alcohol licensees before the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (“OLCC”) that he is currently most prolific. Using those skills he’s developed representing clients in trials and on appeals, Kroll is the ideal choice for those needing to protect their OLCC license or any professional license. Kroll has also been invaluable to numerous gaming start-up clients for being able to inform and advise those start-ups on compliance with state and federal gaming laws. To do so, he makes sure that he and his team stay aware of the changes in this rapidly evolving industry. This means staying on top of the changing situation in everything from Internet Gaming to Tribal Gaming all the way to Fantasy Sports. The ultimate combination of Kroll’s particular skills and passions can be found in a case that came before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. S Here he was able to develop novel legal theories that drew upon his knowledge of gaming laws, Indian laws, administrative laws, and general contract laws in order to create something new that opened brand new opportunities for individuals and business. Success in that matter meant that Indian tribes in California could operate additional slot machines, which they had bargained for in the first place. The estimated increase in revenue for the gaming industry is estimated to be over a billion dollars and is a perfect example of why he is held in such high regard by his peers. In all, the success of Ryan Kroll is the result of his dedication, his technical prowess and his personability. Taking advantage of a broad knowledge base, he is able to change his client’s lives for the better. Not just a credit to the firm he is a partner in, the fact that he is an asset to his clients is the reason behind his tremendous success. Company: Solomon, Saltsman and Jamieson Contact: Ruth Pardo Website: www.ssjlaw.com “Not just a credit to the firm he is a partner in, the fact that he is an asset to his clients is the reason behind his tremendous success.” Lead ng Administrative Law ttorney of the Year, Oregon

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