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Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 39 Nov19138 Acquisition International - Issue 12 15 Medical malpractice is a terrible thing for anyone to have to go through, but being supported by a talented, driven and trusted lawyer can make all the difference in the pursuit of justice. Napoli Shkolnik PLLC is home to one of New York’s leading medical device and malpractice attorneys of the year in Joseph L. Ciaccio, a truly outstanding litigator who is helping families through unimaginably tough times. Discover more about his remarkable journey to success as we profile him, and the firm itself. or more than two decades, Napoli Shkolnik PLLC has been a national litigation firm offering plaintiff representation across a myriad of areas. From environment contamination disasters and aviation accidents, to defective drug prescriptions, medical malpractice, and all manner of personal injury, experience seriously counts when it comes to handling the case in a courtroom. Located at the firm’s principal offices in New York is Mr. Ciaccio, one of the city’s leading medical device and malpractice attorneys for 2019. What began with the first step on the way to a Political Science degree from Long Island University in 2003, has since evolved to a partnership at one of New York’s award-winning firms for medical device and malpractice law. For Mr Ciaccio, the joy of his work comes from being able to help people facing incredibly tough challenges due to the negligence of others. Since the beginning of his legal journey, Mr Ciaccio’s focus has remained squarely on representing victims of medical malpractice. His razor sharp ability to do so has seen him achieve the right result for families looking to retain some small sense of normality following tragic incidents. After graduating cum laude from Long Island University in 2007, Mr Ciaccio then went on to study at Hofstra University School of Law. In 2010, following several years of hard work and determination, he graduated with his Juris Doctor degree in Civil Litigation, ready to begin protecting the most vulnerable in society following negligence or medical malpractice. Less than a year later in February 2011, he joined a Long Island based civil litigation firm, which concentrated on medical malpractice. During his time there, Mr Ciaccio refined his craft and ability to handle cases through all stages of litigation, from trials to depositions and appeals. For almost five years, he worked as an associate there before joining up with Napoli Shkolnik, where his career would go on to reach new heights. Between December 2015 and 2017, Mr Ciaccio worked in a similar capacity as an associate, before going on to become a senior associate until August 2019. It was then he became a partner at the firm. Napoli Shkolnik itself has been a central figure to the medical malpractice community of New York for the last two decades. Representing a variety of clients, the firm takes steps to ensure it connects with potential clients in a variety of ways. Whether approaching through traditional newspaper, radio, or television advertisements, or more technologically-modern methods of communication such as email and social media, the firm work hard to engage clients from the get-go. Pursuing Personal Injury Justice F That level of in-depth engagement and personal interaction simply would not happen without the outstanding staff who work at Napoli Shkolnik, including Mr Ciaccio. Through carefully fostering a confident and client-focused work environment, motivated employees can help cooperation thrive and ensure that innovation is rewarded. Continuing to grow since its inception many years ago, the firm has expanded all over the country as well as on a technological level. With a secure, proprietary database that houses the information of thousands of cases, lawyers and employees can continue to operate safely with such valuable information thanks to the latest advancements. With a little less than a decade of professional legal experience under his belt, Mr Ciaccio’s success is even more impressive. As a skilled and dedicated personal injury attorney, he has successfully litigated a plethora of medical malpractice cases, including diagnosis failure, infections, orthopedic negligence and much more. The last two years have seen Mr Ciaccio recognised as one of the Top 40 Under 40 according to the National Trial Lawyers, and his affiliations with various trial lawyer associations is yet another show of his exceptional ability. Ultimately, Mr Ciaccio’s rise to success in New York’s legal arenas has been nothing short of meteoric. Joining such a prestigious firm in Napoli Shkolnik and already earning the title of partner is a true testament to his legal prowess. However, what truly sets Joseph apart is his successful negotiation of millions of dollars’ worth of settlements for clients, highlighting his relentless pursuit of justice. Company: Napoli Shkolnik PLLC Contact: Joseph L. Ciaccio Website: www.napolilaw.com L to R: Hunter J. Shkolnik, Marie Napoli, Paul J. Napoli Leading Medical Device a d Malpractice Attorney of the Year, New York

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