Leading Adviser 2019

Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 31 Dec19341 Acquisition Internatio al - Issu 2020 9 Making sure that the accused have a reliable defense is not a job for everyone, but the continued success of any criminal justice system depends on this role being performed thoroughly and effectively. Steve Greenberg knows this better than most, revelling in the representation of many high-profile cases under intense media scrutiny. Following his win as AI’s Leading Adviser awards, we profile Greenberg and his firm to find out more. orn in Niles and brought up in Highland Park, Steve Greenberg was a strong-willed child who didn’t back down easily. This is a trait that has continued into his career as a lawyer. Having gained a reputation of aggressively advocating for his various clients, Greenberg’s aim is simple: to do his best to get his client acquitted so they can go home. A heady mix of skill, theatre and ego, often Greenberg must argue an extraordinary perspective in the name of protecting a client. To those on the outside of the justice system, the role of defense attorney is one that has the sense of collaborating with the enemy. Far from being respectable and honest truth-seekers, this branch of the criminal justice system is often perceived as the bad protecting the bad. For Greenberg, the need to ensure the best possible defense is one that is driven partly by a contrary nature and partly by a determination to get the best possible result for a client. This drive to discover the best result is an attempt to stymie a verdict that could end up in a client being locked up for the rest of their natural lives. Typically fighting in cases of complex civil litigation, Greenberg has developed the ability to process immense amounts of information and transform it into coherent arguments for a jury. The journey from contrary child to criminal lawyer was one that didn’t follow a direct route. After earning a degree in finance from Indiana University, Bloomington, he moved to California with the idea of attending law school there. He soon returned and finally attended law school at Northern Illinois University. Greenberg graduated in 1986, opening his own practice in 1988. The practice is still going strong today, with Greenberg taking on several different cases simultaneously. Throughout his career, he has seen a multitude of cases in various areas. His cases range from the complex white collar to accused drug dealers. They include many high profile cases, buoyed by the success of his business, it has allowed Greenberg to do some pro bono cases that don’t stretch a client’s resources. Generally speaking, however, a flat rate is charged for clients, meaning all are treated equally by Greenberg. In 2018, he won six jury trials in a row. This is a result of Greenberg’s continued commitment to generate new strategies for each and every case he works on. No case is the same to Greenberg, meaning every client receives a bespoke approach. Looking forward, it’s clear that Greenberg isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The system would be lost without him, and his much- needed approach to criminal law. Many would struggle to perform his role, especially in the knowledge of defending someone who was clearly guilty. It is essential to ensure that the accused receive the Defending the Undefendable B best defense, however. It is paramount that lawyers are encouraged to test evidence and ensure that no stone is left unturned. Few are able to stomach the defense of those who seem undefendable, but Greenberg ensures that this vital aspect of the criminal justice system continues to function. Company: Greenberg Trial Lawyers Contact: Steve Greenberg “This is a result of Greenberg’s continued commitment to generate new strategies for each and every case he works on. No case is the same to Greenberg, meaning every client receives a bespoke approach.” L ading Criminal Defense Attorn y of th Year, Illinois

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