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Acquisition International - Leading Adviser 2019 27 Dec19170 50 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2020 Bringing Balance to the Law Navigating the law can be a difficult affair at the best of times, but when charged with a criminal offense or recovering from a serious personal injury, it pays to have the best legal support possible when doing so. Residents of Chicago, Illinois, can benefit from just that. Kevin P. Bolger has been duly recognized as Illinois’ Leading Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year, so we profiled the man and his firm to learn more. hilst the law exists to serve justice, it must also do so fairly and justly. Representation for both plaintiffs and defendants is a necessity in order for the justice system to accurately make decisions regarding the future of all involved in a case. Being charged with a criminal offence can be an overwhelming affair, and a steady hand in guiding clients through the process can help make any case that much more fair. Kevin Bolger, founder and owner of Kevin P. Bolger & Associates, has dedicated his entire career towards helping people achieve fair and accurate representation in the courtroom, whether it be for criminal offences, or personal injury lawsuits. The legal process can appear intimidating at first, but Mr Bolger and his team are always on hand to answer any questions and do everything in their power to help clients get the most positive outcome possible. As a highly experienced criminal defense and personal injury attorney for almost four decades, Mr Bolger is passionate about helping people through understandably difficult times. Mr Bolger’s career began after earning his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Chicago’s DePaul University in 1973. From there, he then went on to the Chicago-Kent College of Law at the Illinois Institute of Technology to study for, and complete, his degree in law. During that time, Mr Bolger also worked as a police officer for the City of Chicago, before joining the Assistant State Attorney’s office in Cook County as a felony trial attorney. Today, Mr Bolger is widely respected as one of the finest state and federal attorneys representing criminal defendants and personal injury plaintiffs across Chicago. From DUI to murder, and narcotics cases to weapons violations, the criminal lawyers that work with Mr Bolger will aggressively defend their clients rights. Drawing on every bit of experience, the firm’s lawyers work diligently and tirelessly to provide the best possible defense for both federal and state cases, at all stages. Whether pre-trial or post- trial motions, appeals, or during the trial itself, Mr Bolger takes on cases involving all manner of crimes, specializing in misdemeanours, narcotics, and major felony offenses. Personal injury can also seriously impact a clients live, as well as the lives of family members and close friends. Medical bills can be stressful, and client’s quality of life can significantly drop, depending on the severity of the injury. During what is an understandably tough time, many insurance companies will seek to minimize the extent of any injury in order to pay out less compensation. However, Mr Bolger and his team take the time to understand how an injury affects a client more deeply, before fighting for the compensation that they rightfully deserve. Having won more than $10 million in personal injury settlements over the years, there are few more skilled in the state of Illinois. W Regardless of the case, it is imperative at all times for a lawyer to ensure that the clients needs are consistently met. By being readily available at all hours of the day and night, Mr Bolger and his team can put clients minds to rest whenever it needs it. Excellent verbal and written communication is another aspect that Mr Bolger has in abundance. Legal jargon can often engulf those traversing the justice system without prior experience, but the team at Mr Bolger’s firm take the time to carefully explain everything in detail. Client contact and communication is just another of the many specialties that Mr Bolger prides himself on. Zealous in his prosecution and aggressive in his defense, Mr Bolger continues to set the standard for lawyers operating across Chicago today. The law should serve everyone, and the diligence of the team at Kevin P. Bolger & Associates ensures that it continues to do just that. Whether requiring a solid criminal defense, or a relentless prosecution pursuit, there are few finer attorneys than Mr Bolger. Company: Kevin P. Bolger & Associates Contact: Kevin P. Bolger Website: www.kevinbolgerlaw.com Leading Crimi al Defense Attorney of the Year, Mid-West USA

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